Capitals Wasting Everyone’s Time


There's been a tiny tidbit of news circulating that
Ovechkin received a death threat from a Penguins fan.
This afternoon the FBI stepped in
and temporarily placed Ovechkin into the witness protection program.

According to a source, he was relocated to the Caps defensive zone,
somewhere the source said "he would never be found."

In all seriousness, you immediately think someone called it into their hotel.
Who the hell would do something like that?  What an idiot move.
As much as you want to see Kunitz destroy him, you don't want the dude dead.
But, no, it wasn't a call to the hotel.

Then you think it was something a fan yelled at him
getting on the team bus or something.


It turns out this "threat" was placed on a message board.  LINK
Read that again.

The Capitals have turned over a comment on a message board
over to the "appropriate authorities."

On the Pens' website's official message board
on page friggen 58 of the game 2 thread,
user PENSFORLIFE87 wrote:

"I'm killing Ovechkin.  I'll go to jail.  I dont care anymore."

Click "Read More" for more on this bizarre situation
and the screenshot of said comment.


Are you serious?
What kind of stunt is this by the Capitals organization?
Is this part of their strategy?

Wait.  This is the same organization whose owner lets his fans
pour alcoholic beverages on the opposing team's coach.
And the same owner who has instructed his ticket personnel
to harass Penguin fans when they try to pick up their tickets.

PENSFORLIFE87 is a 17-year-old living in Chambersburg, PA.
Three hours east of Pittsburgh.
Read that again.

If this were a court, there would be a precedent, and it would be the story of the Flames fan from earlier this year and his harassing of the Blue Jackets Steve Mason. [PUCK DADDY]

So the Capitals simply took advantage of that situation.

The Capitals are wasting the NHL Security's resources by looking into this.
Probably the saddest part of this whole situation.


The Capitals have decided to come into the Penguins internet neighborhood.
Just not a wise thing to do.

The entire Capitals organization is fecal matter.
We hope it gets flushed down a toilet.

For the record, Ovechkin and Semin were seen leaving the team hotel
at 2:30 Thursday afternoon without big black men surrounding them.

For those of you familiar with the internet,
what the Capitals organization has done here is called a job.

And it has not been met with deaf ears and blind eyes.
Over the last 36-48 hours, the Capitals have done everything they didn't want to do.
After all the crying they have done, this almost puts icing in the cake.

All of a sudden, we have snapped out of our "oh, what a series" mantra.
This has reminded us why Capitals fans are morons.
This would be a place to put that YouTube of that Capitals fan getting punched in the mouth.
Sadly, it's been taken off YouTube.


The Washington Capitals organization has embarrassed itself,
wasting the public-service resources of an otherwise no-name town on this ridiculousness.

Who reported this "malicious" threat to the proper authorities?
The fanboys at this CAPS MESSAGE BOARD.

Where was NHL Security last series
when we said we would eat John Stevens' kids?


Now,  please recall the stories of the Capitals and the rumors they are putting fake tickets on the internet.

Someone in CBLOG found this a few days ago
posted on a Washington Capitals message board:

This tells us that the Capitals support this type of behavior.

If anyone has any stories, please e-mail us.
Or even just make them up.

Seems to be the cool thing to do.



Yesterday was great.
It felt really good to watch the Penguins win that game.
But we're still down 2-1.
Tomorrow's game is still a must win.
Going back to Washington tied at two would be huge.
Going back down 3-1 could be horrible.

"For the white out, the Pens handed out white t-shirts. And they love those towels. I am biased. I think our Red Outs are more authentic in that we don’t have to give away t-shirts to paint the building. Thank you Caps fans."

That's from Ted Leonsis' blog.
Nothing says authenticity like blocking fans from attending the game if their purchase history might suggest they like the Pens.

All Ted's tactics do is reduce the chance of a Pens fan ever ending up like this guy:



Paul Bissonnette was cut pretty badly during yesterday's WBS Pens game.

The Caps are not happy that CBC showed their "Keys to Victory" on TV last night.

Add Capitals GM George McPhee to the list of Caps disappointed with the officiating in this series.

Dan Steinberg hates you.  LINK.