Can’t Get No Satisfaction

The Pens haven't played in about eight years.  Somehow the Flyers still have a game in hand.  At this point in the season you want the playoffs to start more than anything in the world.

The Hockey News and/or The Canadian Press can't spell:

The Pittsburgh Penguins have been one of the hottest teams in the NHL over the last month.  Unfortunately, the rest of the Eastern Conference has managed to keep pace.

The Penguins went 10-1-2 in March.
The Flyers were 8-7.

The Pens were able to make up ground there.

However, many of the teams behind the Penguins have made up that same ground.

The Carolina Hurricanes were just as hot as the Pens in March.  They went 10-1-2 as well.  They've won six games in a row.

The New York Rangers were 8-4-1.  The Florida Panthers are taking a 6-5-3 record into tonight's game against Ottawa.  Montreal has struggled and they have a 4-5-3 record heading into their game against Chicago.  The Sabres have nearly fallen out of contention, but a 6-5-1 record in March has kept their faint hopes alive.

It's time for a commercial break:

One of those commericals is real.

The Confluence compares this year's team to last year's.  It's generally pretty close.  That's absolutely shocking when you consider how poorly the Pens played during the winter months.

Faceoff Factor is holding a tournament to crown the greatest Penguin.  The obvious choice has been omitted.  It simply wouldn't be fair to match anyone up against Buries It.

Former Penguin Aleksey Morozov and his team Ak Bars Kazan will face Alexei Yashin's Lokomotiv Yaroslavl in the KHL Finals this week.  Ak Bars defeated Jaromir Jagr's Avangard Omsk on route to the finals.

Empty Netters takes a look at the Penguins record with and without all players that have missed time this year.  Empty Netters has also been posting some amazing historical photos of the Mellon Civic Arena over the last few days.

You can check out some more here and here.


NHL Fanhouse examines referee favouritism in the NHL.

"Instead of the NHL having some sort of bias toward any one individual team, the more logical explanation is that officiating across the NHL is alarmingly inconsistent"

Of course, such rational statements draw the truly intelligent out of the woodwork.  The comments on that article are incredibly insightful.

The first one:

Obviously the greatest comment of all time.
And obviously not English.