Calm Before The Storm


So, this is it.
July 1st is where the 2008-2009 season ends with rosters being flipped.
And the groundwork for the 2009-2010 season is placed.
2010.  Jesus.
Some shit is already going down.
First off, we all know about the Flyers acquiring Chris Pronger.
We don't care about the Flyers enough to photoshop Pronger into a Flyers uniform.
Why this hasn't already been done by a Flyers blog anyway is disturbing.
Then again, we didn't even look.
And guess what.
Flyers fans hate the trade (unless 2009-2010 brings a Cup).  [ FLYERS FORUMS ]
They're pissed about Sbisa heading to Anaheim. hahahahhaa
The Caps were apparently in the Pronger sweepstakes.
Anaheim wanted Varlamov.  No dice.
Caps fans wondering if they would have traded Semin for Pronger straight-up.  [ CAPS FORUMS ]
And Texas Ted Leonsis says not to expect any big-time free-agent contracts. [ FAT ]
For some reason, we don't even respect that the Devils won the Atlantic Division this past season.
They had 106 points.  They were the number-3 seed heading into the playoffs.
Those goals Marty gave up at the end of Game 7.
Were they signaling the end of the Devils mini-dynasty-ish thing?
The Flyers' move to grab Pronger has the rest of the Atlantic scrambling.
The Devils go and sign Johnny Oduya to a 3-year, $10.5mil deal.
Scuderi > Oduya.
The rest of the Devils forwards are all set except for re-signing Brian Gionta.
If the Pens were paying Brian Rolston $5mil per year, we'd kill ourselves.
Speaking of scrambling to react to the Pronger acquisition…
The Rangers traded Scott Gomez and his $7mil-per to Montreal for the rights to Chris Higgins.
A bunch of jobber prospects were swapped, as well.
The Rangers are undoubtedly opening up some cap space to sign Dany Heatley or Marian Hossa.
We may actually respect Hossa a little bit more if he signs with the Rangers.
He knows he will be hearing about the Penguins every day and coming to the Mellon at least three times a year.
Let's just say this right now.
The Rangers have the goaltending to survive in the playoffs.
They have the defensive corps to survive in the playoffs.
Hell, they even had the Caps down 3 games to 1 and on the ropes.
All they were missing were about two or three more timely goals in that series.
If Heatley or Hossa buy an apartment in NYC, they win the Atlantic next season.
A sleeper in the East may be the Buffalo Sabres.
They snuck up to within 2 points of the 8th playoff spot this past season.
They may come out of left field and grab up a couple of "oh, what a clutch signing" signings.
Finally, we regret to inform ourselves that Jere Lehtinen has re-signed with the Dallas Stars.
1 year, $1.5 million.
Even though he is 35 years old, we had visions of him alongside Malkin.
At $1.5 million a year, that was a solid one-year experiment that the Pens could have explored.
At 10:46 Tuesday night, TSN broke news that Heatley may be going to Edmonton.
They're waiting on him to waive his no-trade clause.  [ TSN ]
go pens