Buckets Of Fun

Just look at that. The Pens are one terrible three game stretch away
from sending us all to Mini Golf City.
The Panthers are unreal.
You know what's sad?
Pens could still win the division.
New Jersey has lost 50 games in a row all of sudden.
So you know they are going to be unreal tonight.
Pens play back-to-back this weekend against the Hurricanes and Panthers.
Both games are on the road.
If you're not a man or woman of God, you're about to be.
Charlie was mad at us because his nickname in college was the "Butt Pummler."
And that title brought back horrible memories.
But thankfully, reader Andy B cheered him up with this screen of
After the jump. a breakdown of Kurt Russell's performance in BackDraft
and a mini call to arms about an idea we've been tossing around.
Just once today pretend to walk out of a burning room like your Kurt Russell.
Instant cure if you're having a bad moment.
Kurt Russell = top ten actors all time in our book.
What a machine.
We have this idea, but we need some feedback.
Every year, people always do the March Madness brackets.
What if we did an NHL playoff bracket?
Now, yes, we did do one back in 2007, but that was mud.
We'd be looking for someone to quickly develop some type of program,
almost like the one on Yahoo.
Or we could just do the bracket thing over here.
Just wanted to get some insight.
Pens had their annual Skates and Plates thing. PENS
PUCK HUFFERS has reactions to the other pics.
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Disco Dan beats Bing in the shootout? Bing crys foul. LINK

Bylsma came down the lane and went backhand-forehand before flipping the puck over a sprawling Marc-Andre Fleury and into the cage, forcing another round. In the playoff round, Fleury stopped Crosby, while Bylsma scored on Garon to end the competition.

Thus, after practice Crosby filled cups of Orange Gatorade and hand delivered them to his teammates and the coaching staff. Crosby joked that he didn’t feel that he got a fair shake.

“Yes, it was (rigged),” Crosby said with a smile. “Flower is to be blamed for that but it’s alright. I didn’t like doing it but I had to.”

Good times.
And finally.
Dear god.
And then this.
Go Pens