Butch Guerin and The Sundance Kunitz. PENS WIN.

We're not going to preach to the choir here.
There are some people that understand this is how the rest of this season is going to be.
And there are some people that just figured out that sports teams
play games on days other than Sunday or Monday night.
At this point we have no time to starting ranting about that kind of bullshit.
So whatev.

The Pens started their backup goalie.
And although Garon's shakiness was registering on the Richter Scale,
the Pens got out with a win…against the best team in the East.
How much should we look into this one, though?
The Bruins are more or less coasting into the playoffs at this point.
They're playing not to get injured.
But the Pens current winning streak and this impressive win is planting the seed
that you don't want to play an 8th-seeded Pens team in the first round.
You'll be able to say that about any 8th seed in the East.
But this is a Penguins blog.
And if you're the Bruins, do you really feel that great
about Tim Thomas getting you to the Stanley Cup Finals?
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Not even a minute in, Guerin put the Pens up 1-0.
Why he was traded for.
17 second later or something ridiculous, Garon gives up a goal on a Recchi deflection.
Not why he was traded for.  1-1.
Recchi refuses to die.

After some jobbing and some pretty fast hockey,
the Bruins got a PP and they got a goal.  2-1.

If Recchi's goal didn't suck the life out of the tri-state area, Kessel's goal did.

Towards the end of the period, the Bruins got retarded.
Wideman takes exception to Hal Gill almost elbowing him.
He goes by and knees him or something stupid.

That penalty was almost killed.
But then Montador attacked Malkin.
Granted, Montador thought the puck was gonna be frozen and was engaging in after-the-whistle, don't-touch-my-goalie chuckwoolery.
But too bad Thomas didn't freeze it.

The Pens get 12 seconds on the two-man advantage and get one past Thomas.  2-2.

Kunitz might become a legend in this town. Thomas goes nuts after the goal.
Thomas is a…
The Pens still had another PP to work with, but that was killed easier than Natalee Holloway.  Period.
Brian S.
RHONDA took this pic in Columbus.

The second period was all mud.
Nothing going on.

Cooke gets called for something.

Tim Thomas stops the game so he can eat a big mac.

Pens kill it.

Ward gets a penalty for jobbing Dupuis.

Pens worked hard for the Powerplay.
So of course, they give up a shortie.

That hurts.  Blake Wheeler.  Nice name.

A lot of tension going into the third.
The Pens get an early powerplay.
Gonchar shoots.  The Kunitz Play™.
Gonch got it.  Kunitz admitted it later.  3-3.

Before you could adjust your ball sac back into your seat,
Bad Ass Billy Guerin springs Kunitz on a breakaway.

Chara jobs him, which hiccups everything.
It may have been the difference.
Upon further review, his HT was taken away.
But it will always be one to us.
And now the Pens had the lead.
And it was the third period.
Hold onto your butts.

Michael Ryder snipes one from the faceoff dot.  4-4.
That's why the Bruins are the top team in the East.
Sykora is beside himself as he exits the box.

Times were rough.
But the Pens kept coming and drew another penalty.
Yet they can't capitalize.

After the PP, Staal works his balls off and finds Sykie in a sweet spot.
Sykora sees it go in and just stands there, realizing his slump is finally over.

phil m. —
–Nate K.–
So here we were.
Time was winding down.
Garon's shakiness was making Michael J. Fox nervous.

Before you knew it, Thomas was bringing his fat ass to the bench.
Staal picks off a pass, gains center red, and releases a prayer.  6-4.

  • Kunitz, Guerin, Bing = KGB LINE?
  • Did Reechi know there were two more periods to play?
  • Sykora: 9 game-winning goals this season
  • Pens with a nice celebration for Eddie Johnston before the game. Even mentioned him getting hit with a puck in the playoffs.
  • Pens also gave out a nice photo book documenting 100 sellouts.
  • Saw Unreal and Carrot at the game. Unreal is at his breaking point.
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