Born and Raised in South Pittsburgh. PENS WIN. GAME 7 LOOMS.

Eat it.
Pens lead 2-1. Under two minutes to play.
Dan Cleary gets sprung on a breakaway from the blue line in.

You saw it happening before it even happened.
Think about all the people focused on that play.
Millions of people's lives were going to be altered by a two-second play.
It is staggering.

And there was Marc-Andre Fleury. Jobbed by fans and media after a tough Game Five.
The "big game goaltender" questions lingering like a bad fart.
MAF simply looked at Cleary, called his whole life a joke, and shut the door.
But it wasn't finished.
The Pens had to survive a Fleury, if you will, of Wings shots with Osgood pulled.
Who was gonna step up?
It was Rob Scuderi. And he actually knelt down.
Pierre McJoke was immediately on top of the play,
wanting the Wings to be awarded a penalty shot.

But it just wasn't there anyway.
Rob Scuderi saved the Pens season. Maybe three times in 5 seconds.
That sequence alone may have earned him an extra $500K this summer.

These plays literally saved a game in which everyone rose to the occasion.
Every last player, every last person in that arena gave it all they had.
Every last person watching at home felt as if they had played a shift.
And we can all sleep a little easier knowing we will not have to see the Wings lift the cup on the Mellon ice for a second straight year.

But there is a battle on the horizon.
A battle that has only been waged 15 times in the history of the NHL.
A Game Seven for the Stanley Cup.

The great Mike Lange said it better than we ever could:

"We'll meet you in the schoolyard, baby, for all the marbles on Friday night in Detroit."
That's two days.
Get your mind right.
And if the Washington series taught you anything,
it's that ANYTHING can happen in Game 7.
God help us all and Go Pens.
Pens in 7.


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xHMCT would have been proud.
Good luck if you were trying to figure out the Pens' line combinations early on.

Four minutes in, Zetterberg gets a golden chance on MAF all alone in the slot.

Zetterberg decides to just run over Fleury.
Penalty city.
Pierre McGuire vomits.

The Pens got some chances on the PP, but no dice.
Very deflating.

The Pens were taking everything to the Wings. But then the Wings would cycle for like 20 seconds just to remind you what could happen if you get sloppy.

Every save Osgood made, the closer the Wings got to the storm shelter. Zetterberg was everywhere in his defensive zone.

Pens work hard and eventually get another PP. Malkin takes a shot, and of course Zetterberg blocks it. His sticks breaks, and he shovels it out of the zone. Solid play, but no need to jerk off on his face about it.

Wings work hard to kill it.  They could see the storm shelter now.
They started getting their best chances after that kill.
MAF makes another huge save on Zetterberg in the waning moments of the first.


Something is about to happen. Wings get a chance, then the Pens come flying up.
The Wings don't give you much, but when they do, you have to bury it.
Staal tips it ahead to himself.
Goal.  1-0.

The Mellon is nuts. Pens are buzzing.
Chris Osgood's mask breaks out of nowhere on an icing call against Detroit. Franzen dives into the boards and almosts kills himself. Surprised he didn't grab his ear.
Where's the iso cam on him to see if he sabotaged it to buy time for Franzen?
Disappointed in NBC.

Pavel Datsyuk admires some pass and gets leveled by Cooke.

All Pens all the time.

Sykora has an unreal shift later in the second.
Blocks a shot, gets it out of the zone on his wallet.

All of a sudden, things start to sway. The Red Wings were finally starting to sustain some pressure in the Pens zone as the second period waned.

Hall Gill got away with a job of Darren Helm.

Henrik Zetterberg had a chance late and hit the pipe. Sick move. Scuds patrols the scene and makes sure if it is under MAF.


Why does everyone say he "beat Fleury"?
Fleury gave him no net, therefore no goal.  Hitting the post doesn't mean it's a goal.
Do you beat the goalie if you hit the glass over his head?

Pens get some get looks to end the period.
Fedotenko shoots a puck right into Osgood on a one-timer.

All bets are off in the third.

The Wings are all business, and MAF has been sharp.
Tyler Kennedy was out of his mind. He gets thrown on an a line with Talbot and Tenk.
Hard work pays off. TK makes a subtle little move.
Biggest goal of TK'S life.
Things were looking up. You started to breathe a little easier.
NBC comes back from commercial break, and shows the Cup.
Kris Draper saw it to.
Oh god.
One thing the pens did a good job of was staying out of the box.
But Bill Mccreary was in the building. It was coming.
Delayed penalty call on Malkin.
If you ever wanted to find something out about yourself, watch your team kill a penalty holding a 2-1 lead.

Jesus, Killed. Scuds saves another one.

At this point, everyone is in labor.

It gets worse. Bill Guerin.  High stick.
If the Wings fans wanted to watch someone choke, they should have just watched Rescue 911.
Because the Pens just would not let it happen.
Father time arose from his standing eight count.
An entire nation buckled up.
This was our last stand.
Maybe it was watching a puck sneak through Fleury, and watching Scuds coming out of nowhere.
But at what point do you just say, how the hell do we put ourselves through this?
Joke faceoff in the Pens circle. Pens win it. Eaton tries to get it someone.
Somehow the Wings turn it into a breakaway.
Longest 2.5 seconds of your life.
Osgood is out.
Wings come pouring in.
The puck gets through five million people.
The Mule on the doorstep.
Not this time jack.
Scuds for life.
Father time gives someone sweet chin music in the stands.
Welcome to Game 7.
  • Some wing fans has to think about Bing lifting the cup on  Detroit ice.
  • Do not call out Hossa. Not yet.
  • Would you have taken this on Feb 21?
  • Nothing else left to say.