Bob Smizik Circa 1983

From reader JeffDFD:

"Long story short, my grandpa had a stack of old paper he had saved from important days and gave them to me because it was my birthday.  I had most of the recent ones, but found a yellowed April 25, 1983 Pittsburgh Press paper with the attached picture on it.  The main headings on the paper that day were the NFL draft (written in the Pittsburgh Press by now ESPN's John Clayton) and there was an article that had Bradshaw talking smack on the supposed #1 pick John Elway.  Elway had an agent and they were demanding 7 MILLION DOLLARS!  TWO in the signing bonus!  Apparently Elway was also a baseball player and was deciding whether or not he should play baseball.  Steinbrenner was trying to throw a ton of money at him.  There is also a sweet add for a FREE VCR Recorder or Atari Game Computer.

The hockey news for the day was about the Bruins beating Buffalo in OT the night before. Edmonton beat Chicago 8-4. Smizik's article was talking about a bunch of people going over to John Covert's house in Beaver county and waiting for the phone to ring for the draft.  True to Smizik negative form, second or so paragraph in starts 'Kenneth Finnin, dead about eight years…'"