Blown Lead. PENS LOSE.

Definitely a tough loss, but what a hockey game.
You have to assume these two teams will once again meet in the playoffs and what a series that will be.
Ovechkin is as obnoxious as they come, but he delivers.
He's a dangerous player.
NBC definitely got what they wanted from this game.
Ovechkin had three goals and an assist.
Crosby and Staal had two each.
It's tough to blow a 4-1 lead but the hockey fans inside of us still enjoy an exciting game.
The Penguins fans inside of us vomited a bit when the 5th goal went in.
Ed Olczyk isn't there due to the snow so Doc Emrick tells us a story about how the Pens stopped at Burger King in the middle of the night.
Kunitz is back in the line up, alongside Crosby and Guerin.
The Penguins equipment staff (and Ray Shero's son) slept in the arena overnight.  No one knows if they were awoken by sirens, bells and whistles.
Sidney Crosby is booed every time he touches the puck.
Gonchar is hearing "Whoop!  Whoop!  Whoop!" noises every time he touches the puck.
Ovechkin gets a shot off, but it deflects off of Orpik's stick.
The crowd boos.
Malkin owns the world for a while and he moves in on Theodore.  He can't get it past him.
Then it's Sid's turn to dominate.  He makes most of the Capitals look silly and scores. 1-0.
It's his 38th of the year and it's unassisted.
Three minutes later he scores again. 2-0.

Chris Kunitz pulls out a gun and he shoots Jose Theodore in the face.
No… wait… that's just how Theodore reacted.
Kunitz is called for interference and it's a Capitals POWWWWEERRRRRRRRRPLLLLAAAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!
The penalty is killed.
Adams drops Ovechkin against the boards.  Everyone in the crowd is suddenly a referee.
No call.
Knuble takes on Adams and the two both get fighting penalties.  Knuble gets the instigator.
"Refs You Suck!"
Nothing happens with the man advantage.

Nothing in the world could make us pay attention to Pierre McGuire and Mike Milbury during the intermission.
We assume they yelled at each other and then showed a few Crosby VS. Ovechkin promos.
Almost immediately Gonchar gets a holding call and the Caps are on the power play.
Not much happens.
Things start to get chippy and the number of hits increase.
Dan Bylsma responds by putting Mike Rupp out with Crosby.
He gets a couple scoring chances.
Jizz is called for holding.
Again, not much happens and the penalty is killed.
Ovechkin comes charging in on Fleury with a breakaway.
Our thoughts head back to game seven and Fleury's save.
It is not to be.  2-1.

Sirens and whistles and bells and music and horns.
Pierre McGuire has an orgasm over the fact that Ovechkin's shot broke the net cam.
An "MVP" chant starts in the arena.
Pierre McGuire does an interview with Dan Bylsma.
We'd comment on what was said but, at this point, we're just blocking out everything McGuire says.
Orpik skates into the Caps zone, and he's hit with a nice hip check by Pothier.
Cooke/Staal/Kennedy begin to work their magic.
Jordan Staal scores. 3-1.
What a player.  The Internet has no picture of this because it wasn't scored by Crosby or Ovechkin.
The Caps looks frustrated and start a scrum in front of the net.  We're not sure what happened with Letang, and NBC doesn't show us, but two Caps go after him.  Kennedy jumps in.
Backstrom and Kennedy both get 10 minute misconducts.
Bruce Boudreau freaks out, managing to look incredibly angry and completely confused at the same time.
Dan Bylsma is calm and professional.
Just over two minutes later, Malkin does a great job setting up Staal in front.  4-1.
It seems like all is well in the world.  We start thinking about how nice it will be to beat the Caps in their own building.  Visions of stopping their winning streak enter our minds.
Great play by Eric Fehr. 4-2.
We're not sure what happened, but Crosby was hurt off of the faceoff.
NBC gives us a shot that will be used in hundreds of "Crosby is a Baby" Photoshops.
Semin and Poti both get penalties and the Penguins are on a 5-on-3.  A goal here would end this game.  It never comes.
Pierre McGuire sees nothing wrong with shoving a man down face-first and forcefully holding him there.
We're not surprised.

We've been swamped over the past few days and half of the people that write for this blog haven't had power.
We'll announce the Habs Twitter winner as soon as we can.
The Caps kill off the remaining seconds of the 5-on-3 and there's a bad feeling in the air.  Mike Millbury is doing commentary now.
We find ourselves blocking out everything NBC is saying.  It's easier than listening to McGuire and Millbury.
Cooke crosschecks Ovechkin from behind and it looks like Ovi stays down for a bit.
No call.
The Caps start to pressure, but Fleury stands tall.  Some great saves there.
Then Ovechkin scores. 4-3.
That bad feeling remains.   You knew it was going to happen.  You just knew.
Every Capitals blogger rushes to write a "Sidney complaining about the hats" joke.
Matt Cooke breaks his stick and the Capitals are called for slashing.
We'll take it.
The Pens pressure, but they can't score on the power play.
The Penguins are buzzing as the period comes to a close.


It was a tough game to lose.
But what a hockey game.
We'll take the point.
These two teams meet again on March 24th.
The Hershey Bears came back from a 3-0 deficit to beat the WBS Penguins by a score of 5-4.