Our friend WHOWINS.COM tell us that in the history of the NHL,
teams in the Pens position in Game Five win said Game Five 68.2% of the time.
That is, you're up 3 games to 1 and playing Game Five on home ice.
Those teams possess a 101-48 record now.
The Pens simply didn't match the do-or-die intensity
that the Flyers had in their brains since the final horn of Game 4.
Forget all this bullshit about the Flyers getting the better of the play
and they should be up 3-2.
You win games in the NHL that you deserve.
The Flyers deserved to win tonight. And they did.
The Pens still have margin for error, little as it may be.
The series now moves to Philly for Game 6.
The Pens are 2-1 in their history when it comes to
ending the series on the road in Game 6.
They beat the North Stars for the Cup in '91.
We all know about the Islanders in '93.
And the Pens beat the Caps in '96.
The next 48 hours will be some of the toughest of the season.
The Port Authority delayed buses today
because Dan Blysma was thrown under so many of them.
Are we seeing the achilles heel of an unproven rookie coach,
not knowing how to seal the deal?
A rookie coach messing with his lines in a winning formula?
Who knows. And who cares.
All that matters is game six in Philly.
They've won their before.
There's zero intimidation factor.
Carrot would eliminate this bitch.
Who is "Crosb"?
Tell this skank to eat something.
This is the playoffs.
The Pens' run through the East last year rarely happens.
Buckle up.
New policy.
Not posting anthem pics for a home loss.
That's just how it is.
And oh yea, no way in balls we're recapping this game.
suck it.
Thanks to FSN we missed an entire period of play thanks to some truck getting hit by lightning. Is it just us or does FSN put a little too much stock into one little truck? Jesus.
Just so we're clear, though. This had nothing to do with FSN Pittsburgh.
This all falls on the main hub in Atlanta. Jokes.
Right after the FSN feed went down, some idiot scored.
Listening to it on the radio, it hurt.
The Pens came back, though. And Malkin seemed to tie the game.
When Mike Lange called Malkin's goal, you felt like everything was going to be okay.
As high as you were, talk of Malkin kicking it in made you sick.
But when it was disallowed, you knew.
Just something about the whole play sucked the life out of everything.
For the rest of the second, the Pens hung around, but Toast was good or whatev.
In the third, the Flyers scored, and it was vomit city.
  • bizarre feeling to this game
  • Sykora city on Saturday.
  • NBC on Saturday, christ.
  • Refs got the call right on the Malkin goal.
  • Rehashing any part of this game is like watching your girlfriend get teabagged by Shaq.
  • Happy Birthday, Pensblog Adam.
This won't make you feel better, but:
13 years ago, April, 24 1996
Penguins vs. Capitals
Mike Lange's call:
Get your mind right.
Go Pens.