Best of Three


At this point everyone has jumped aboard the Pittsburgh Penguins bandwagon.
The same "journalists" that spent the last week writing about how the Detroit Red Wings are a machine that cannot be stopped have spent the last day talking about how that same machine is tired and that the momentum of the series has switched.

We haven't seen someone blatantly change allegiances like that since Marian Hossa Chris Chelios.

It's now a best of three.
Two of those three games could be in Detroit.
It's not going to be easy, but no one expected easy.



The Stanley Cup will be in the house for game six in Pittsburgh.

What a moment it would be if the Pittsburgh Penguins could win the Stanley Cup at home for the first time.
Of course, that moment will have to be shared by the 17,132 fans inside the arena only.

Scenes like this one are done for the season.

As we all know, NBC does not allow the Pens to show games on the screen if the game is airing nationally on NBC.

Clearly the thousands of fans outside the arena hurt television ratings, right?

"Game 3 of the Stanley Cup finals has earned the series' highest cable television rating since 2002.

The Pittsburgh Penguins' 4-2 win over the Detroit Red Wings on Versus on Tuesday night drew a 2.6 rating and averaged 2.96 million viewers.

The network said Wednesday that the rating was up 37 percent from the average for the two games on Versus during last year's series. The channel aired Games 1 and 2 last year; this year it is showing Games 3 and 4 while the first two switched to NBC.

The 2.6 rating was the highest ever on Versus, beating a 2.1 for Lance Armstrong's final ride in 2005 and Game 5 of this year's Detroit-Chicago series."


Despite the fact that we've already lost the war with NBC, you may want this information again.


NBC Sports can be reached at nbcsports@nbcuni.com

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This deserves a second posting.

From the ANTEEPA folks:













Tickets for Game Six go on sale Monday.

Toronto wants a second NHL team.
They should probably work on getting their existing team up to NHL level first.

Pierre McGuire will be covering the Olympics for NBC and CTV.

"Remember that scene in the Disney movie 'Happy Feet' where thousands of penguins congregated on the huge glacier and began dancing and singing uncontrollably?

Well, I witnessed the same thing right outside Mellon Arena this evening as fans flocked in by the truckloads. My goodness – it really was quite a sight."

Someone alert NBC!

Pavel Datsyuk will likely play in game five.

Go Pens.