Beautiful Day for a Burial and Ovechkin is a Dick
Nothing has to be said.
Search feature added.  RINKO.
Send pics of your cats doing Penguin shit to
First person to send pic of a cat actually doing a pile of Penguin feces is a beast.
After the jump, Crosby and Ovechkin are both dicks.
Apparently this happened at the game last night.
Speaking of that game, Carey Price got an interesting unsportsmanlike-conduct penalty.
When he slashed Backstrom…while Price was on the bench:
And Miro Satan won a double-OT thriller for the Bruins last night,
putting the Bruins up 3 games to 1 on Buffalo.
And with Philly up 3-1 on the Devils…
And Washington up 3-1 on the Canadiens
The possibility of an all-black-and-gold series in the near future is growing.
Just sayin'.
GUNAXIN SPORTS wants to punch Crosby in the face:
H/T to Josh G.
"Complaining to the media"? What?
Fred D.
go pens