Beau Knows; Good Chance To Sign Hamhuis?

Crazy last 24 hours. Lets just look back at everything.

The Penguins drafted Beau Bennett from Penticton (BCHL). If you’ll recall in his guest post on Wednesday, Jesse from Faceoff Factor said this was the guy the Penguins should draft:

His words:

Beau Bennett – RW – Penticton (BCHL) – 6’1 – 173lbs. – Shoots R

I’ve seen Bennett ranked as high as 17 and as low as 34. He’s a complete wildcard in this race. That said, no one has scored more points as a rookie in the last seven years of BCHL hockey as Beau Bennett has. When it comes to pure offensive talent, Bennett has all the tools. He’s an excellent skater, he has a solid shot, and his vision makes him a threat distributing the puck .What makes him an attractive option to me is the fact that he played alongside another BCHL star in Denver Manderson. (Brock Nelson? Denver Manderson? Unreal names). Bennett and Manderson put on a show, and Bennett proved that putting him with a talented center can produce lucrative results. That’s exactly the situation we have here. It might be a bit of a stretch if some more attractive options are on the table, but I’m hoping the Penguins can reach for this kid when they select their first pick this year. Bennett’s offensive upside is so high that it could be worth it.  He registered 120 points (41+79) in 56 games for the Vees this year. He’s also headed to Denver University this fall to pursue hockey at the next level.


Jesse has even more here:

Faceoff Factor complete profile of Beau Bennett.

Also according to us, the most famous person with the name Beau is currently Beau Bridges, the brother of one of our top 5 favorite actors Jeff Bridges.

Anyway, some vids of Bennett:

picture 7
Moving on to the bigger move of the night. Shero traded for the rights to Dan Hahmuis late last night.
Couple things about this. Hahmuis is shutdown city. Probably a lot like Scuds, with a little bit more speed and some nasty hits.
And what are the chances of signing Hahmius?
Couple things on that:
1. Shero was part of the team that drafted him, so one would assume they know each other pretty well.
2. Shero didn’t give Philly a third round pick just because.
Should be interesting. But hopefully no one tells Chris Kunitz about this:
Go Pens.
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