Beat’em Bucs

We meant to do this yesterday.
Blogging an 82 game schedule will take you to highs and lows you'd never imagine.
But 162 games? Unreal.
And that is why we must pay tribute to our good friend and fellow bloguin member:
[WHYGAVS] or in long form Where Have You Gone Andy VanSlyke?
How anyone could write about the last 17 years of Pirates baseball is amazing.
Good luck to all the Pirates bloggers out there.
And how about those Bucs? Big time win today against the Jokeinals.
Shades of 1997? If there is one season of non hockey, in pro sports we wish we could go back in time and blog, it is that season
Fritowill with the pic of the day of some fat ass in the stands.
Holy shit.
Today is judgement day in the NHL.
Everyone in the playoff picture is basically playing.
Montreal lost to Ottawa last night. Jokes. They play the Rangers tonight.
More in gameday later.
Real quick though.
This lady must be related to Mike Richards.
Go Pens