if you think it is going to get better you have no clue.


They say one game can change everything, and who are we to argue



if you're a Flyers fan.



Biron gaffe, and Bing's subsequent finish may have ignited a revolution.


Per our PENS BAILOUT PLAN, we had the Pens going 2-2 this



win tomorrow is a huge



you're nervous about it, just ask yourself how Steven Segal would react.


Do it.





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Trey H
picture 20
Everyone was stunned by FSN early on, as some women's basketball game is on.
But Potash blinks and the feed comes on.

Meanwhile, it's always been the case. The Flyers let their emotions get the best of them.


Hartnell takes a retarded cross-check penalty. But was it the heat of the moment?



Or payback for when Gonch ruined him in teh playoffs last year?


First play of the PP, Timonen fires one at Malkin. Penalty.


Biggest 5-on-3 of this blog's existence.


Jordan Staal makes a great play to keep it in the Flyers zone, but Mike Richards does a swan dive. Even Bob Errey calls it the gayest dive since Greg Louganis, sans the "gay" part, because Errey is an adult and has a career.


Everything aside, Staal must be leading the league in "times you have jobbed your own team's 5-on-3."

Listen to Errey's job here:

After both teams crapped all over the ice on their power plays, it was Philly, all the time. Palindrome backhands one amidst some commotion. 1-0.


The rest of the period, Fleury atoned for that goal. He made some big saves.


The Pens flirted with getting a scoring chance, but no dice.


Cote and Godard fought.



Not the best period, but we'll take it.


picture 24


Clutch shit from our boys at Barry Melrose Rocks.


picture 21



Crosby came out in the second all business. What a shot. 1-1.

Thanks to Sherr. L [left] for jobbin this joke.
Why is that guy wearing a button?

The Pens had Philly running for the next 5 minutes.


TK gets blasted by a joke, and the Pens get a PP.


Gonchar gets under center and gets the job done.


Sykora and Malkin may have both deflected it. 2-1.


Even Hartnell's own teammates hate him.
Coburn shoots him in the face.
Like someone said, not the first time Hartnell has had rubber in his mouth.

In the second half of the period, Crosby leads a rush.


Dupuis goes offside. Or he doesn't. Doesn't matter.


Fedotenko one-times it. 3-1.


Bylsma's first two-goal lead on the road. Would he start playing not to lose, like he said Therrien always did? Or would the Pens start putting some nails in? If we typed these insightful sentences all the time, we would kill ourselves.


The Pens PK was put to the test right after that Tenko goal.


Malkin goes off for 4 minutes. Are you kidding?

Pens kill all of it. Cue Earl Mann.

picture 22

The third period was gonna be big.
The Pens get an early PP to start the third. These two minutes had the potential to be the turning point either team's way.

Richards picks off a Whitney pass and has an hour-long breakaway.
He humiliates MAF. 3-2.
Ryan Whitney got offered a job at the Hilton after the game, because he is great at opening doors.

As expected, the Flyers got momentum from that. Out of nowhere, they were all business, and they put another one home.

It was bad times. A promising game goes to hell.
But hold the phone.

Maybe we're in love with Gonchar, and we don't know it. But he's Mr. Third Period. He makes the play to get the Pens forwards flying into the Philly zone.
Dupuis battles. Bing jobs it to the net. Tenk was there.
Huge goal, but the Pens were tested right after when Dupuis took some penalty.
The Pens killed it, and it was looking pretty good.
Right off of some faceoff, a stick breaks, the Flyers tie it.
Mike Knuble's 134th goal against the Pens
It was gonna be a test of sacs for the rest of the third.
The game was gonna be decided by the players.
No, wait. French Toast makes an unreal mistake.
Dupuis and Crosby lurk like sharks.
Crosby, corner pocket.
Goal. 5-4.
Maybe the biggest mistake since Scott Hartnell was born.
You have love Steigy's SCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE on that one.
Hard to not keep watching that.
Maybe the first "jump out of your chair moment," since the Wings game in November.
After that Father time was all over the place.
Under a minute to go, Talbot misses a wide open net.
Somehow that doesn't come back to haunt the Pens.
Scuds takes the knee.
Huge thanks for readers Dante C. and Sherri L. who braved the Philly trash for the pics.
  • French Toast.
  • Next game is in like six minutes.
  • Four points out of the playoffs.
  • PPG place ain't no joke.
  • Apparently there was a fan brawl at one point during the game. If anyone has pics/ or knows what happened. Hit us up.
Five bucks Letang is calling Eklund.
[Thanks to Kaitlin for the pic]