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The sun is setting on the Summer of Woo, but that we've still got pics left to post.




Before they visit the President on Thursday, the Penguins are participating in the "Hockey Is For Everyone" clinic in Washington.


We don't know about anyone else, but we're considering "I hope they get pelted with eggs" and "Cindy might actually GET dumped on his hee-haw in Washington afterall! (In the parking lot that is)" as direct threats and calling the cops.
They'll go to jail.
We don't care anymore.

The Pens will also appear at the Revolution Hockey Training Centre in Dunmore on September 10th.

The Capitals won't be able to attend either event.
They're too busy getting terrible tattoos and cleaning their homes before MTV Cribs gets there



Have some cake.


Looking for a way to support both the Pens and the environment with one action?





Alyonka interviewed Evgeni Malkin for Pens TV.

"[Next year ]I want to win scoring race and I want to win Hart Trophy and of course Stanley Cup."

Evgeni Malkin


Go Pens.