Back in Business

It's no coincidence our site was jobbed on one of the two biggest traffic days of the year.
This wasn't Bloguin's fault in the least.  Bloguin is the network of blogs.  A host is where we put all of our pictures.  The layman's explanation is that we were seeing more traffic than the host expected, and they were like wtf and shut us down.
We've been told to keep posts "light" in the next couple days.  We think that stupid flash with all the logos swirling around was a deal-breaker in addition to all the traffic we received.
In a way, we can be jumping for joy that so many people are coming to the site.  But when we jump, we hit our heads on the ceiling in the room that our host keeps us in.  The problem is easily remedied: upgrade city.
We're exploring all options so this doesn't happen if the Pens get into the tournament thing
We'll have a post coming later.
Hopefully our host doesn't make us put in morse code.
Special thanks to Rick from PENGUINS EXPERIENCE.  He will go down in history as the first person in our blog's existence to piece together five consecutive coherent sentences.