Dukes Of Russia. PENS WIN

Just a great game to watch.
There wasn't any real hard-core back-and-forth action.
But the momentum swings were there.
Slater took that horrible penalty late and gave the Pens a chance to tie it.
A couple of old friends came calling.

And then in overtime, a new friend came calling.
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The thing about the Pens, and any team in the NHL really, is that they have to have all their parts rolling for them to work.
It would be the same if Crosby and Staal were out. The Pens would not be the same. When all the cogs in the machine are working nothing matters but the W. And that is all that matters.
On a side note, the Pens are back to fourth place with the Devils beating Carolina. That matchup would yield the Senators.
Bring it.

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Malkin makes his presence known early. He forces Moose to make a big time save.
But even more importantly he had caused a few turnovers.
Something that he does when you know he is on his game.
Gonch made his appearance in the first by getting high sticked. Pens get a four minute powerplay.
Midway through it, Chelios makes a veteran play and draws a bullshit penalty on Guerin.
Such a dick.
Everything was whatev until Bill Guerin beat the living shit out of AC Slater
After that undercut the emotion was there. Felt like old times.
But then Atlanta scored some unreal goal.
Really didn't make sense.
History Will Be Made Contest. [Link]
Some great entries:

Stanley Cup At Heinz History Center
Chelios catches up to Malkin after seeing Geno parked in a handicapped spot before the game.
Coming out to start the second, the Pens were in the Thrashers' wives mouths.
Completely taking over the world.
Gogo gets the best chance out that sequence.
Some Thrasher fakes an injury on the play.
Then Hedberg knocks the net off with Sid loading his backhand.
But can't job the Moose.

The saves he was making during that stretch is why he's in the NHL.
And we'll always have a soft spot for him.
Eventually the Pens force Atlanta to the box.
Just seemed everyone was more comfortable with Gonch back there.
Gogo roams down the wing, gets a pass from Crosby.
Everyone watching the game could see what Gogo saw.  1-1.
Right after that, the Pens were on the PP again.
Staal's stick gets held.  Penalty.
In trying to free it, he almost slashes Afinogenov's?? arm off.
But the Pens still had the PP.
And the Bylsma got greedy, keeping the big boys out for that next power play.
They were dead tired, and Atlanta took advantage shorthanded.
MAF has trip someone up.  Was it Slater?   Who knows.  Atlanta filled with no-names.
In pure dick fashion, Atlanta capitalized on a PP late to take the period away from the Pens.  2-1.
Yeah okay
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Pens came out to tie it in the third.
Kennedy emerges from the cut to put home a rebound.  2-2.

But a minute later, Rich Peverley, who sounds like he should be on a golf course somewhere, puts home a rebound.  3-2.

Cringe-worthy sequence by the Pens leading up to that shit.
For the rest of the third period, the neutral zone was a chastity belt.
At a point in the third period, Hedberg's faceoff dots were wearing a bra.
It was looking bleak.
Then Leopold and AC Slater innocently race for a puck.
Slater mugs Leopold for some reason.  Most obvious penalty of the season.
Atlanta coach didn't think so.
For the first whatever seconds of the PP, MAF was going back and forth from his bench to the net.
Malkin takes the puck at center ice as MAF heads to the bench.
(Hopefully, gone are the days FSN cuts to a meaingless shot of MAF going to the bench there.)
So we actually get to see Malkin carry the mail in.
We're guessing that HDTV people could see Gonch sneaking into the zone.
Gonch unleashes a vintage blast.  3-3.
How does Hedberg not save that?
He was screened.  Moose thought Gonch was gonna shoot into the traffic for a deflection.
But Gonch goes far glove side.  What a shot.
With that, the Pens go flying into OT after almost tying it a couple times in regulation.
Score, you son of a bitch
The Thrashers had their chances early in the OT.
Candy flattens Afinogenov in the corner.
A Candy giveaway gives Afinosafdsfd a chance.  But Orpik thwarts it.
Then Atlanta gets a bizarre 2-on-1.
MAF makes an easy save and almost covers the puck in the no-play zone.
Leopold goes into the Thrashers zone 1-on-4, gets hung up on the boards.
Hedberg looks to the benches to see where Leopold's help is coming.
By the time he looks back at Leopold, the puck was golden-bound.