And Now A Special Letter From Texas Ted Leonsis

After the Jump a nice, rambling letter from Texas Ted Leonsis to his season ticket holders. It is too bad most Capital fans can't read.
You can't fault Teddy for trying, we guess.  But when you say that one of your favorite moments is when the fans gave Varmlade a standing ovation after he was pulled in Game 7. Well, that is just lame.
Our owner is a Knight.
Suck it.
Click "read more' to read the letter.
Or just go to Youtube and watch the Pens celebrating the cup.
Real quick. Our favorite part is the opening. He says "I hope this letter isn't written till June next year." Uhh look at the date it was marked.
What is the sellout streak at? 9 games now?
Fail city.
Go Pens.
[thanks to a certain left wing PS3 EASHL teammate  for the tip]