And It Is Finally Over. Blackhawks Win. Jeremy Roenick Embarrasses Himself. [UPDATED WITH GIF, CBC VIDEO]

Thanks to Mallori

Congrats to Chicago. What a series. Such a strange ending. Cheapest goal you'll ever see. Not big fans of Patrick Kane, but he smoked Kimmo Timonen.
the Hossa saga is now over.
But that wasn't even the best part. After the game, Jeremy Roenick was breaking down the game.
The rest will live on as one of the more embarassing moments in the history of live TV.
Kudos to Dan Patrick for really making JR cry.
Give us a break. JR had his chance to win the cup, but Tom Barasso shit in his face. A lot of people are saying it was a powerful moment. We think it was one of the funniest things we've seen in a while.
give us back our Cup
CBC Montage: