An Igloo Runs Through It: “Threw the first punch of my life.”

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Reader ALI brings us this one.
"Game 3 of the caps series this past playoff. We all know how dire the situation was.
Top top it off, I had tailgated in a monsoon and was absolutely drenched, and my rally towel blew onto and street and got run over my a fucking car in the process.
Things weren't looking good."
"I was at the game with 2 other guys. We had decided that between intermissions it would be wise to make laps around the arena and harass any visiting caps fans. It was all in good fun; a bunch of jobbing back and forth.  Most of the caps fans were too stunned to even respond. The last thing you want to do is engage with a five foot tall girl insulting your newly purchased varlamov tee.

Between the second and third period we begin to job back and forth with this group of about 8 caps fans. One of which was wearing an ovechkin t-shirt jersey and red capitals sweat bands on his forehead AND both wrists. He also had a "rock the red" rally towel hanging out of his pocket.

Things get pretty heated, and mid-jobbing, sweat bands is twirling his rock the red towel in our faces.  I grab it out of his hand and tossed it into a crowd of people in the concourse. Naturally, the people walking by all begin to kick it around etc. As my back is turned laughing at the sight, sweat bands comes out of NOWHERE and lunges at me, and throws me to the ground. Again, I'm a five feet tall 20 yr old girl. This dude had to be at least 6'3. I go down hard, lose my shoes, and look up in time to see that a large amount of people around us had just seen what had happened. It was surreal. All at once I just hear a shout in unison– "HE JUST TOUCHED A GIRL. GET HIM." I get to my feet to witness an epic brawl. I got elbowed in the face, beers were flying left and right, and, in one of the most defining moments of my existence, I weasled back into the crowd (with no shoes) and threw the first punch of my life–right into sweat bands's
face.  I really don't think I have experienced such an emotional rush at one time. The scene really was unreal. I had just been in a brawl for my team. What's more unreal–the fact that this man went after a five foot tall girl. The way that every pens fan in the area ran to my side when it happened though was one of the greatest things I've ever witnessed.

Obviously mellon staff rushed to the scene, and a woman told the pens fans to get out of there since security was on the way and people would be inevitably tossed out. I picked up my shoes and ran. Got back to my seat just in time for the third–drenched this time in beer.

We all know that we would go on to win that game in OT. My friends and I went back out between the third period and OT to look for those men, but they were nowhere to be seen. I'm assuming they got thrown out.

After the game, my friends and I went back to the upper lot to see the "PENGUINS WIN" lights on top of the arena and celebrate with people walking back to their cars. A caps bus was parked right by our car. I'm not a dude so I could not partake, but I was proud to be a part of my friends pissing on the bus as we all looked over the victorious mellon. It was one for the ages. The turning point of that series. I'll never forget getting hit during that game. I will always look to it as one of the most defining moments of my life, at least as a pens fan. That series had become an all out war. Something I'll tell my kids one day."