An Igloo Runs Through It: “best days of my life.”

A lot of other sites are doing stories about the Mellon Arena. And we can't resist.
So if you have a favorite memory of Mellon Arena, send it to us, and we'll post it.
Even if it isn't from a Penguin game, send it through.
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The first story comes from Bobby I.
"Well it all began back in the winter of 2005. Me and a friend of mine were regulars in the student rush line during the glory days were people in the line that went knew who rico fata was. At this time you did not have to arrive at 2pm, but rather 430 and still get a ticket. We used to see mike lange hop out of his cadillac and vodka bottles roll out.
Phil Bourque flex his pectoral muscles at the college girls, but we became friends with staggy and stan. They literaly saw us every game and would always talk to us. Sports beat was going to be filmed outside one night during the games, drunk and rather excited we thought how can we get on tv.
Thats when i came up with the bright idea to walk up and ask stan if i could get married on the show. A girl from my town happened to be in the line that night and she decided she would play along with it. Stan asked me if i being serious and wildly enough he said sure. So in the middle of sports beat i have a fake ring from a gumball machine, a girl who is crazy enough to go along with it, and a tv show for my entertainment. Just before commercial break stan says we have something special when we come back. As soon as they came back and dan potash interviewed a towel from the other teams locker room, because this is who he interviews, Stan said bobby is going to play trivia.
This is when i entered the frame and all penguined out was given a microphone were i dropped the bomb on the seemingly unsuspecting girl. This led to huge applause from the student rush line and a chuckle from stan. I also got a kiss in there, but otherwise the pens kicked ass and won like 5-2. The next day i attended chemistry class at PSU Beaver when a kid actually witnessed it happen and called it out to the class. The best was my grandfather watching the show and telling my entire family he thought i was getting married though, haha. I have included a pic someone snapped from that night.
The igloo, some of the best days of my life."