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Tons of stuff we have been meaning to catch up on and announce.
This post will be to serve that.
After the jump, details on the following:
  • A call to arms for stories about the Mellon Arena.
  • A Halloween contest.
  • Jobber of the week.
  • Our new online hockey equipment affiliate.
  • Massive storeblog overhaul.

Jump it.

This has been in the works for a while.
If you're like us, you play on like eight dek/ice hockey teams.
So the good people at [Goliath Hockey] contacted us with a deal.
Use the discount code PensBlog15 for 15% off of equipment.
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A lot of other sites are doing stories about the Mellon Arena. And we can't resist.
So if you have a favorite memory of Mellon Arena. send it to us, and we will post the story.
Even if it isn't from a Penguin game, send it through.
  • In the e-mail line, make sure you put "Igloo" somewhere.
  • If you don't want your name attributed to the story, let us know.
  • By sending us a story, you therefore accept we can use it for anything.
  • woo

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For Halloween, if you have a Pensblog or Penguins related costume, send it to us.
We'll be giving away some t-shirts and stuff for the best costumes.
Also, a lot of people sent pics of their carved pumpkins last year. Feel free to send those in.
Just e-mail them to the normal thepensblog@gmail.com and put "Halloween" in the subject line.
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New Jobber of the Week award.
The award, named after the Hill District's Senate Rep Jake Wheatley, is back.
Send us your candidates whenev.
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And finally, Stephen S. got busy with major overhauls of Storeblog.
Notice the tab at top:
Stephen completely revamped the [Cafepress] site.
A new addition:
Now, in addition to our cafepress site, we have opened a new site at Spreadshirt.
[The Job Shop] is just like the one for EASHL, but this one is set up for everyone else. Basically, people can use this shop to make their own design by using our graphics and graphics uploaded to the Spreadshirt Marketplace. There is also an option for people to upload their own images to apply as a graphic:

Spreadshirt's legal team actually reviews everything uploaded so if someone tries to upload something they shouldn't, it will be revoked. It should also be noted that the person uploading the image has to sign off saying they are responsible for the uploaded image(basically, it's to make sure we're not liable if someone tries to upload a pic of Crosby to make a bunch of shirts to sell second-hand). Also, uploaded images do not stay in our library so you can't job us.

Some items of note for Build-A-Shirt:

One of the cool features of Spreadshirt are the different print options.

(This list is found at the bottom of the spreadshirt shop page):

For example, under Special Flex Print, they have glow-in-the-dark transfers:

This shop also allows more freedom for where you can print stuff:
Those are nasty.
Here's an example of using our graphics with stuff found in the spreadshirt marketplace:
(unreal shirts don't have to suck)
Go Pens.