Amateur Hour At The Boston Herald

From the [BOSTON HERALD] this morning.


Somewhere in a dark room Marc Savard nods his head in approval. Then he throws up.
What lesson would a Bruin be teaching Cooke? How to choke in the playoffs? Could someone advise?
No one is afraid of the Boston Bruins.
What's Chara going to do? Look at someone? Joke.





But the best part of the Boston Herald's coverage comes here. From some guy named Turd Borges:

What the Bruins should do instead is play their most physical game of the year. Contest every loose puck. Take Sidney Crosby down every chance they get. He, not Cooke, is the Penguins’ heart and soul. Make him bleed for the sins of his teammate.

Take him into the boards. Knock him down every chance you get. Bounce a puck off his nose if you can. If you get a blind side shot at him, put your body through his chest.

Same is true of Evgeni Malkin if he plays. He may not due to – as the insurance companies say – a pre-existing condition (he missed last night’s game against New Jersey). If he does try to skate, put a body on his already injured body every chance you get.

He goes on to compare Colin Campbell to Pontius Pilate.
This should be fun.
Poni up.
Go Pens.
[Thanks to Jim B. for the tip]