Almost There. PENS LOSE

People always flip out when Penguin fans defend themselves against accusations of the Pens getting calls every game.  All we hear from prominent blogs around the NHL is that the Penguins get all the breaks and the NHL is fixed.
The call on Bill Guerin at the 18:12 mark of the third period
no question was a horrible call.
It led to the Canes advange in OT, and although it wasn't the powerplay that did the Pens in, it may as well have.
But really, Sidney Crosby and Evegni Malkin both
had clean breakaways on Cam Ward, and Ward shut the door.
Ward was better, and the Canes won the game.
The Pens got a point,
Now they must somehow get ready for huge game in less than 24 hours.
Win and you're in from here on out.
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picture 20

Big time atomsphere in Carolina. The last time so many gay people were in the same place, it was Charlie's freshman year at Point Park University.
Right of the bat, Erik Cole nearly scores, but MAF is all business.
Ward makes a nice save on Tenko after some jobbing.
Good shift by TK.  Recurring theme city.
Bing makes his first appearance of the night after some joke turns it over.
Ward is sharp.
Good shift by Malkin-Cookie and Sykie, but Ward is there.
Continuous action reaches the apex when TK goes to the net.
Backhand, top shelf.
What a move.
The Pens fall apart for a few sconds after that. Intense action.
After that Cookie sucks a Cane into a penalty. Idiot.
Scratch that, Cooke got a penalty for diving.  jesus
Then Crosby gets a breakway from Charlotte.
Ward says no.
Game is more wide open than Andre Hastings in Super Bowl XXX.
Tenko-Crosby-Guerin, what a shift.
MAF makes a big save as the Canes start to come alive.
But MAF can't hold the fort for long. Erik Cole to Staal. Score.
Tons of sticks breaking.
Not a lot of stoppages after that.
picture 24
Sean Avery up to his old tricks.
picture 21
Out of nowhere, Canes pick one off.
Some guy cheap-shots Letang, powerplay for the Pens.
Powerplay is mud.
Hurricanes have momentum.
Bodies flying everywhere.
FSN shows a comparsion between Dan Bylsma and Paul Maurice.
Terrible photoshop by FSN. If someone has the screen of that, send it in.
Kunitz nails some dude, puck goes to Guerin.
Buries it. 2-……..shit.
Ref called a penalty on Kunitz for a trip right before. Tough call.
Pens kill the the penalty, then Crosby sprays Ward with ice.
The hockey equivalent to peeing on someone's face.
Pens get a makeup call. Powerplay.
Nothing doing.
Later, Adams gets robbed.
Gills with the poke check of a lifetime. Pens get a breakout.
Sykora city. Cam Ward is out of his mind.
picture 24
Just reposting the great videos sent in by Eric P.
Watch the guy get hit by the puck.
hahaha yesssssssssss
Second, look at this joke.
picture 22
The third period was really whatev right up until about halfway through.
Tyler Kennedy is playing some great hockey. He makes a sick ass move and then feeds Staal.
If you looked for a penalty call to negate the goal, you weren't alone.
The rest of the third was playoff hockey, back and forth.
How unreal are Hal Gill and Scuds right now?
After that, the Pens took over. The Carolina defense is trash.
Malkin gets a breakway, but he is pulled down.
The calling of a penalty shot is the greatest theater in NHL officaiting.
The official gives us that two-second pause, and then signals to mid ice.
See how ridiculous it is to accuse officiating bias?
Why would this be called, then?
Here we go.
Malkin against Ward.
Vomit city. Malkin looks like he hates breakaways.
Everything pointed to OT, but then Ruutu takes a swan dive.
Bill Guerin gets called for a bizarre tripping call.
Somehow the Pens kill it, and roll into OT.
picture 23
The Pens plans for a win in OT fell apart faster than whatever.
Some moron loads up a slap shot after the Pens couldn't clear the zone.
  • Garon today?
  • The real screw job: Playing a 5:00 game after a 7:00 game. Unreal.
  • Cam Ward is the only reason Carolina is going to the playoffs.
  • Not scared of Carolina at all.  The only reason they win this game is they were the home team.