Yeah, we got some e-mails from Caps fans.
Really nothing worth mentioning.
Here was the most common exchange:
CapsFan69: You guys acted like you won the cup LOL!!1
Charlie: Yeah, because we actually know how to act when that happens.
We were gonna move on to Florida already.
But the selfishness of some Caps fans came to light.
We all know about some Caps fans' super plan to buy pacifiers
and hand them out at the game on Sunday.
Dan Steinberg had a big piece about it on Monday.  WAPO.
Okay, no big deal.
But then we decided to read the article.

Well, as you might have guessed, Margaret McGuire is a diehard Caps fan and journalism student at Anchorage-Alaska, who, before her trip home to Arlington for Spring Break, recently stumbled upon an Alaskan baby/toddler store that was going out of business and was selling bibs and bottles and pacifiers in bulk.

How long did it take her to connect an Alaskan sale on baby stuff with Sidney Crosby? "A split second, really," she said. "As soon as I saw the pacifiers, I wanted to get as many as I could. It pretty much was instantaneous for me."

She wound up with 500 pacifiers, stuffed into a garbage bag, filling her entire suitcase during the trip home. You don't want to know the cost.
"It's kind of embarrassing," Margaret told me. "Let's just say it wasn't cheap. It's not something I would suggest someone go out and do unless they're willing to shell out a significant amount of money."

So why do this? Why would a college student in Alaska spend hundreds of dollars and fill a suitcase with pacifiers for a cross-continental flight toward heated hockey rivalry?

"Everyone knows the fan base's consensus on Sidney Crosby," Margaret said.

"We all know how much of a whiner Crosby can be," Molly added. "I just had a feeling a lot of fans would enjoy it. I definitely wanted to be on board and help her out any way she wanted, because I thought it was brilliant, honestly."

"I think what really solidified it in my mind was the last game," Margaret continued. "He just always seems to be talking to the refs, even when nothing's going on."

"He just needs to lighten up," Molly recommended. "You could pretty much ask anybody and they'd all pretty much say the same thing."


hehe, like, for shurrre.  Yuppies.  What poor excuses for human beings.  If you're a baby in Alaska and you're reading this, you know who to thank when you don't have a pacifier tonight.

Guy Carbojoke got fired.

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