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Aftermath: Why Geno Is An MVP, PENS/BRUINS PICS

If we actually cared about doing recaps, we would have said this.
There is a reason Evgeni Malkin has been the MVP of the Pens the last two season. And there is a reason he should have been the MVP of the league last year.
Yahoo has an absolutely excellent feature on their player page called situational stats.
Taking one look at Malkin’s [situational stats ] even early in this season shows you why his presence is not only paramount, it is a must.
A look at some of Malkin’s split stats from this year.
Doesn’t seem like alot, but that is only 13 games.
Last year:
39 points when the Pens were tied last year. 28 points in the last five minutes.
Last night was no different. Say what you want but having the presence to make a disgusting cross ice pass with time ticking down is a skill that cannot be taught.
It is just clutch.
Pics from last night after the jump.






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Stunned pics:




This from DP:



Attached is my finest stunned pic to date. 

We sat in section D10 for tonight’s game against Boston.  The entire game (and I mean the ENTIRE GAME,) this guy was rambling on and on for Boston.  “Come on ‘Brooo-ins’  Let’s go Baas-tin!  Make ’em work for ‘aht puck!  Shut ’em down Timmy!!”

It was fine by us for him to support his team.  However, he just never shut up.  When Boston tied the game a thousand times tonight, and then grabbed the lead, you would have thought he’d won the lottery.  “Go Broo-ins!!!” nearly deafened my ears.

How sweet it was to get this vintage turn-around stunned pic when the Pens tied the game with under a second left.  Enjoy!

Go Pens!


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This from Evan T:

My girlfriend Rachel and I created an Unreal Charlie Sign before
the game tonight. We kept a running tally of the number of times it
was recognized by ThePensblog fans (9). In any case, we were jumping
around like lunatics the entire game trying to get the sign on TV so
that it would be in the Pensblog recap.

Little did we know, fortune smiled upon us on this night of
nights. I noticed a man taking a picture of our sign wearing a
Pensblog shirt. I pointed him out and we waved to him. When he went
back to his seat, Rachel saw that he had Slesinski written on his back
and she remembered that was Stephen’s last name. With caution we
approached him and that is the story of how we met Stephen S.

To make a long story short, we had the night of our lives and we
did get on the Jumbotron during the first half of the third period.
Here are some pictures of our signs.

It has now been ordained by Max Talbot, Tyler Kennedy, Ruslan
Fedetenko, and Pascal Dupuis.

It has been Legendary,
-Evan and Rachel.




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Some bizarre stuff:

From Brian Y.

Mutanat and an Albino celebrate the OT goal.


This is our favorite. From unknown.

The Family of Fail:




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And finally our own writer Rick City, aka Pens experience, who is from toronto was at the game. One of the few games he gets to go to a year.

His gallery of pics is here.[flickr]

suck it.


Go Pens.



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