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After Skoula Special. PENS WIN


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You know what real NHL players do?
They produce.
Martin Skoula has done that. And for that he should be celebrated.
How pumped were you when he scored his second goal and did his little celebration?
That is what we are talking about.
What a human.
Skoula’s two goals led the Pens to a 3-2 win. Don’t let it fool you though. The game was not that close.
First class scumbag Chris Thorburn broke Malkin’s stick then proceeded to score a goal.
Such a joke.
Afingejokov scored with like 17 seconds left. Whatev.
MAF had to bounce back and he did.
The Penguins had the world championship swagger back tonight and it showed. Passing was crisp, breakouts were cash, and all the wheels were turning. Against the Senators Gonch was just getting back, so was Talbot. First game back is a whole different world. Getting back Free Candy made all the difference in the world.
The Pens didn’t respect Atlanta. They know they cannot play with them.
That is what the world champs do.
And you have to love the whining coming from Atlanta tonight.
Especially from their moronic coach who accused Matt Cooke of slew-footing Kovaldouche.

“I’m not allowed to comment on penalties and why,” Anderson said. “Obviously I didn’t agree with them. … If you saw what happened in front of our bench, Cooke went by and slew-footed him. That’s what started it. At some point you have to say that’s enough. I don’t mind what he did.

Whatev. Did he slew foot him?
You’re goddamn right he slew footed him. That’s what Matt Cooke is paid to do.
Kovaldouche got all jammed up and fought Matt Cooke. Too bad Kovaldouche forgot he can’t challenge people to a fight when he has a visor. Great job by Cookie to take Kovaldouche off his game. Every time the Pens play the Thrashers we are reminded on how big of a baby Kovaldouche is.
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  • Dupes-Malkin-Feds is a legit line right now. Big time chances.
  • Only reason this game was close was because Hedberg was playing circa 2001 playoffs.
  • Talbot had a penalty shot.

  • From Paul P.

  • Hope Chris Thornburn falls down a flight of stairs.
  • Dive of the century:
Everyone thought this the penalty on the play, but actually Chris Bourque got called for tripping behind the play.

UPDATE. thanks to XLilNico21X who noticed that this was the penalty on the play and the Ref put his hand up as soon as the dive took place. No idea why Bourque got called for a penatly. Hopefully it was because he likes Journey.
Journey sucks.
  • Bourque missed a wide open net.

The standoff continues. Trust us, we are committed to our Bourque demands. wW’ll make the Waco standoff look like a charity event

P.S. how come no one told us Don Cannon got arrested week? [kiss fm]

We need to know these things.




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Go Pens.

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