About Last Night: Fighter Jobs Montreal [UPDATED], Pics

UFC fighther, and PA native Josh Koscheck sets the tone for Monday in Montreal.
After his knockout of some clown in a fight in Montreal, he pissed the Canadian faithful off.
According to MMA Weekly:
"Don't worry, Pittsburgh Penguins are going to kick your ass next week, baby!" Koscheck yelled to the Montreal crowd. "And then I'm going to beat St. Pierre, so you guys are going to lose twice, how bout that? Yeah, that's right Montreal
So great. No video on this yet, because Youtube sucks. Also by next week, we hope Koscheck meant Monday. Just saying.
AJN44 comes up clutch in cblog with the video:
Still kind of iffy on the whole "next week thing."
From reading about Koscheck, he admits he is just some Pens fanboy. But whatev, it got some Montreal dude all jammed up and if you have to hand it to him for even doing it. He needs to work on his wrestling villian shit though. Perfect place for a suck it from him, and he blew it.

Last night our picasa account vomitted on itself. So we had some work around shit we had to do.
Stunned pics, knitting, dog pics after the jump.
Some other pics:
Michael Jackson in attendance last night?
Thanks to the following people for sending pics in. Whether or not they get posted, we see them and it keeps us alive.
Fiddy, Erin U, Matt S, Kvogel, Steatlh, Charmchild, Joeseph K, Chad S., Ben T, Michael M., LisaR, Fleuryous, Justin C., Ellen, Ryan J., Pliefeld, Nate K,  Steven C., mike w.
A few people sent this in wondering about the knitting lady
We posted about this before the playoffs. She is all business. And her husband is a huge reader of ours.
He sent us some great pics last night:
Elliot Friedman with the sock, surpirsed he didn't try to eat. woo.
picture 7
One of us is a huge cat fan. The other is a dog lover:
Saw ChikkaChiChi's five month old newfoundland "Geno" in cblog last night.
Coffey Talk sent her dog Jack Bauer a few weeks ago:
If you have any pens dog pics send them in.
Happy mothers day. go pens