A Toast
At the March 2007 trade deadline, Penguins fans didn't know what to do.
We forgot what it was like to actually trade for talent rather than dumping salary.
In retrospect, it was a quiet time for Ray Shero, as we have seen him do some pretty good wheeling and dealing since then.
But he acquired Gary Roberts at the trade deadline.
And our lives were never the same.
After a roller-coaster career, Roberts deserved every accolade that came his way.
Fortunately, readers of the blog stepped up.  Big-time.
If we took the time to find all the great photoshops, YouTubes, and every time the media mentioned the Roberts phenomenon, this post wouldn't get done.
Off the top of our head, we recall wristbands, WWGRD on the cover of some Pittsburgh magazine, YouTube songs, Chuck Norris jokes sweeping the radio waves, TSN talk-show hosts sporting the wristband, Steiggy mentioning the craze, iPhone wallpapers, desktop wallpapers, chants of GARY-GARY-GARY, game one against the Sens, someone putting WWGRD on street signs in Mt. Lebanon, that printing company on Banksville Road, some jobber selling knockoff shirts in the Strip District.
And we do all that without mentioning the Gary Roberts For President signs
that reached as far as a boy in blue holding one in front of some huge plane in South America.
We're definitely forgetting other stuff.
After the jump, one YouTube that shows what Roberts brought to the team.
And some other YouTubes.
Just watch him:


that pretty much sums up the craze.


Game One against the



you don't feel like making memories, skip to 2:40.



Please link to anymore YouTubes out



know there's a



love you, Gary Roberts.


RYAN came through with an explanation of the epic fail on






violated one of our self-imposed rules.

CHRIS C. with some iPhone wallpapers.

sad.  PD

90-pound dude going to



/t to NICK N., as well as everyone else who sent pics in of 90-pound.