A Secret Lies With Se7en

It’s time.
Days like today don’t come around too often.
Even if you’re a stickler, you’re using “we” to refer to the Penguins today.
Tuesday was the day you spent quality time with your loved ones,
reminding yourself what you would be fighting for tonight.
What a horrible day to be alive.
After watching Bruce Boudreau’s Oompa Loompa-like River Dance celebration
for the 100th time, there was no hope in our souls.
At 8:00AM, there was no chance the Pens were winning tonight.
Can’t recover from this.
10:00AM — Listening to Stan and Guy and Chris Mack. They’re relatively calm.
Well, you never know.
11:00AM — Word breaks that Gonchar is practicing.
There is a pulse.
1:00PM — You stop at Weiner World on Smithfield Street for ice cream. The strange lady who is waiting on you just starts talking about the Pens out of nowhere.
“They just deserve it,” she says.
There is a definite heartbeat.
It won’t hit you when you wake up.
It won’t hit you when you secretly time your lunch break with that hot girl at work.
But it will start creeping in around 2:00.
And it’ll hit Rick at 4:00 when he clicks “New Post” and settles in for a Gameday post.
It’ll hit you when you leave work and fumble for your keys,
using your keyless-entry remote to unlock your car with a rare intensity.
If you’re just sitting around all day touching yourself,
Game 7 might be the only reason you’re even alive.
You look at complete strangers on the bus or in rush-hour traffic.
You share a glance.
If you work until 6:00 this evening, you are one of the lucky ones.
You will have very little time to really get in the zone for the battle.
Getting in the zone consists of convincing yourself
that Sidney Crosby will simply not let the Penguins lose tonight.
Getting in the zone consists of wondering if the light reflecting off of Gonchar’s forehead in the pre-game warmup footage on FSN is as bright as it’s been in your dreams.
It consists of reminding yourself that MAF has yet to steal a game this series
while Varlamov has done that more than once.
Are you playing mind games with yourself?
Simply convincing yourself of things that just aren’t there?
Alone in the dark today with nothing but your thoughts,
time can draw out like a blade.
Get busy livin’ or get busy dyin’.

Pretty rough.
They lost us at 1:40 when they typed and said “Goodard.”

Turns out they made one of these for every team in the playoffs.  FAIL LINK

You don’t want to call someone a retard when a charity is involved,
but it might have to be done in this case.

Ducks force Game 7.
This is just a great YouTube.
Look at this wah-fest from a Detroit blog.

Is the outcome already decided?
The Hershey Bears beat the Baby Pens Tuesday night.

Ben Gates brings you a history of Penguin Game 7s.
Buckle up.

If the YouTubes start getting jobbed up, just reload the page.
Fittingly, we start our journey in 1992 in Washington, D.C.
Just can’t watch this video enough.

Future Penguin Kevin Hatcher on that Capitals team.



And then we travel to a video that is a late-comer onto the Internet.
It was 1999. #8 Penguins vs. #1 Devils.

Future and current Penguin Petr Sykora experiences a stunned moment.



And then finally, we head to 2001.
You know the song.

Future and current Penguin Miroslav Satan and the Sabres go home.



The Penguins are 2-0 in Game Sevens against Washington.
Here is their home win back in 1995.

3:39 mark.
Norm Maciver with the game-winner.

Future and current Penguin Sergei Gonchar gets sent packing.

This was the only old-school Caps uniform pic of Gonchar that Gates could find.


If you think this rabbit hole has reached its bottom, you are mistaken.

Flyers beat the Penguins in Game 7 at the Civic Arena.

Goalie Ken Wregget advances his Flyers.
He would later pitch a 2-0 shutout in Game 7 against the Capitals in 1995.



1993. David Volek.


Future Penguin Game 7 hero Darius Kasparaitis and his Islanders advance to the next round.

Little-known Tom Fitzgerald goes with him.



Tom Fitzgerald breaks a tie late in Game 7 in the Civic Arena.
Florida advances.

Tom Fitzgerald will take his place behind the Penguin bench tonight.
God help us all.


Heroes will be made tonight.


Go Pens

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