A Jersey Foul, Charlie, Injuries and More

To blatantly steal an idea from Empty Netters, we’ve received word of a pretty terrible jersey foul:

“My sister, her husband, my roommate and I all went to the Pens game in Columbus this weekend. We sat up in the Skybox Terrace, where the ratio of Pens fans to Blue Jackets fans was 10 to 1. I personally saw a few jersey fouls (a couple of Ovechkins, a Zetterberg, and the notorious Stanley Cup 09), but this one really ticked us off. My roommate did the sneak attack and took a picture of it, as you can see, but it gets even better.

She and I walked up to him and asked him about this ugly thing. He had a bunch of excuses up his sleeve. His first one: “Oh, I can still wear it if either one of them gets traded blah blah blah.” Yeah, okay, try again. “I wanted a cheap Penguins jersey, so I went on eBay. The description said that it was a quality jersey that was just a misprint. So I bought it at half price.”

Sorry dude, but that’s no excuse.

By the way, fantasticmax initially saw the jersey foul and we were also with malkinstein. I’m rovers17182. Gotta give credit where its due.”


It’s injury city in the NHL right now.

You can add Ovechkin, Eric Staal and Simon Gagne to a list that already includes Evgeni Malkin, Sergei Gonchar, Robert Luongo, Jonathan Toews, Jason Spezza and others.

Puck Daddy points out that about 18% of the NHL is injured right now.

But why?

Is it the incredible length of the NHL season?

The short offseason?

The overall reckless play in the league?

And will things get even worse with the Olympics taking place this year?

Allison caught Charlie checking out Kris Letang at a game:

The Phoenix Coyotes have been officially sold to the NHL.

Craig Anderson, Alexander Ovechkin and Iyla Bryzgalov have been named the NHL’s Three Stars for October.

The Sharks and Coyotes lead this week’s TSN Power Rankings.

Marc-Andre Fleury is currently leading.

The line of the week goes to Down Goes Brown on Twitter:

“I move to nickname the Kessel/Blake/Stajan line “Two Cancers and a Prancer”. Who’s with me?”

The Pens are in Anaheim for the start of their west coast trip.

Go Pens.