A Good Women Down

You pass certain people on the Internet over the years that stay with you.
One that touched our lives was Ashley Gallant from Toronto, Canada.
Ashley, a writer for [Faceoff Factor] and huge penguins fan passed away at the age of 27.
Ashley teamed up with Stoosh, who let us know about this passing, in a column called "Lacing it Up," on FF.
Ashley also was one of our first readers. She was a regular on C-BLOG and she was actually one of the first to buy a WWGRD wristband.
Her memoriam is [here].
Ashley sent us a few emails over the years.
Our favorite was this:
Hey guys, great playoff previews

I decided to vandalize/decorate my desk at school and I thought I'd send in a few pics.

R.I.P. Ashley, when that banner goes up this season we'll know you'll be smiling down.