A Couple of Nice Pens Stories


In the wake of yesterday’s game, you may need some cheering up.
Today we have two stories that should help.

“When Sidney Crosby scored his third career hat trick against the Montreal Canadiens on Oct. 28 there was one question that undoubtedly lingered in the minds of many hockey fans. What happens to the hats that are thrown onto the ice?

It’s a mystery that ranks right up there with Area 51 and Stonehenge. When it comes to the hats from a Pittsburgh Penguins’ hat trick, Mike Behme has the answer.


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Behme, a Boy Scout and high-school freshman at West Allegheny High School, has been working with the Penguins since March in putting the hats on the heads of less fortunate children all around the world.”

Our second story comes from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

“I’m a college student, and I’ve been a die-hard Penguins fan since I attended my first game in the early 1990s with my uncle, and have followed the team every year. I don my Crosby jersey on game day and was one of the many in attendance at the parade this summer.

I was lucky enough to score tickets to a Friday night Florida Panthers game from a work colleague. I couldn’t wait to surprise my boyfriend (another huge Pens fan) with this great “date.”

We took our seats in Section E and waited anxiously for the game to begin. I decided to ease the wait with a trip to the concession stand for some snacks, as we hadn’t eaten dinner yet.

Coming back with two beers, a pretzel and nachos, I realized it was almost game time. Walking down the steps to our seats, I slipped and fell, spilling my tray and covering myself in beer, mustard and nacho cheese.

Immediately, two men stepped out of their seats to help me. One made sure that I wasn’t hurt (I was just embarrassed) and the other gentleman went to alert an usher of the spill.”

No doubt this is all a ploy by the team’s management to force the NHL to rig a draft lottery and save the team.
Just like what they did for the Penguins.
Ovechkin will miss at least the next two games.
Despite reports, Peter Forsberg has not signed with AK Bars Kazan of the KHL.
If he decides to return to the NHL, the Canucks want him.
We’re assuming they’re basing that decision on how well Mats Sundin worked out for them last year.
The mighty Toronto Maple Leafs battle the powerhouse Carolina Hurricanes tonight with last place in the NHL on the line!