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7:56. PENS WIN.

Should try to iron this picture onto your girlfriend's underwear.

Sick job. Dennis Miller stuns the world.
And then the banner goes to the roof.
Someone jobbed in Mike Lange's call.
If Steiggy never says "raise the roof" ever again, life will be all right.
Unreal choice of the theme from "Backdraft."
If Kurt Russell walks out in his fireman uniform, the pregame wins an Oscar.
We'd actually have something resembling a normal recap
if we didn't become incapacitated last night.

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How sick do the Pens look? Man.
We didn't even have a feeling that the Rangers would tie it up.
The Rangers might be good if this was a video game. You can't just bring 10 new guys onto your team and think you're going to beat the world champs on opening night. Glen Sather is a buttplug.
It was nice to get a win. But Friday night was about enjoying life.
However, things really change tonight.
Long Island, here we come.
The Nassau Coliseum will be rocking, as weird as that sounds.
Pens grabbing a win, even against the lowly Islanders, will be huge.

We refuse to job the new P.A. guy.
He is doing the best he can.
If you can't stomach this, what's gonna happen when Lange peaces out?
  • Did anyone see the "Washington County" commercial? What the hell was that?
  • Great job by FSN getting inside the Pens locker room for Disco's speech.
  • What an ovation for Talbot. Veteran move by the P.A. guy to let the ovation ride.
  • Pens powerplay looked good. Go-Go is going to be nasty this year. Great deflection by Malkin.
  • Godard and Brashear was epic.
Have to score the fight for Godard. Big-time punch.
–Rangers had some Italian guy that kept messin with everyone.
–MAF made a spectacular save.
–Is it just us or does Bill Guerin look like he is about 100 pounds lighter without the beard?

Stunned is back, jack. [DPW]
  • Malkin on pace for a million goals.
  • Gaborik did look really good. Too bad his groin is going to fall off.
  • Bing made some unreal move, that vintage spin-o-rama
  • Lunnjoke also robbed Craig F*&kin Adams