3 Ass. PENS WIN.

did someone say free ass
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If we had lives, the screenshot above
would have been an adequate recap of the game.
Anytime your top line gets all three stars and a combined 10 points in a game,
safe to say it was a pretty good night.
Kunitz gets off his schnide.
Montreal was either flat, tired, or their balls hurt.
Whatever the case, the Pens carried out Disco's business with military precision.
The best part about Sidney Crosby getting a hat trick
is hearing people say, "Where was Malkin?" And vice versa.
Malkin says lick it.
The Pens finished their recent homestand
with 8 out of a possible 10 points.
And the end of the homestand overlaps with another section of the schedule:
5 games in 9 days, including the best part of the year, the West Coast trip.
From Montreal's perspective, what's worse right now?
-The Habs fan that probably overpaid to watch this game in person?
-Poor Hal Gill having to watch his boys pick his team apart?
-Or the lifeless, impotent Carey Price?
Unless you have some disease, life is great right now.
Pens are sick, and an all-Pens weekend is on the horizon.
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FSN was up to their old tricks again.
Very questionable camerawork, HD or no.
Chris Bourque had a chance early in the game. Chance = He was in the vicinity of a loose puck near the crease. We're trying to give the guy a chance. But we haven't liked him from the get-go. Maybe we're just pissed that the footage of Ray Bourque falling over the red carpet on the ice during the pregame ceremony to commemorate Lemieux's last game in Boston isn't on YouTube.

On one of the next shifts after that, Chris Kunitz carried the mail and crapped himself.
You could hear the collective groans of all the Kunitz Haters.
Guranteed some dude at the game slammed his Coke down.

But The Koon gathers his shit, forces a turnover at the blue line, and jobs it to Guerin.
Guerin with an underrated backhanded saucer pass onto Crosby's tape.
How impressed is that kid? 1-0.

Matt Cooke went to the box. The Pens killed it.
With about 20 seconds left, Hal Gill flips one over the glass. Not our problem anymore.
FSN showed Ray Bourque up in the box.
What they failed to show was Lemieux splitting Bourque and his wife in the hallway to beat them to their seats.
picture 15
Attention, students of Cal…
This pic is courtesy of Talke Photography.
We're told it's in a style called High Dynamic Range.
We call it sick as balls.
Click HERE for a large, wallpaper-esque version.
There are some unbelievable pictures at these sites:
The Pens refused to stop coming in the second period.
Kuntiz lets go of a shot. Puck finds it way to Bing. Backhand, top shelf.
No idea why Halak was down.
Did you go to those Talke Photography sites yet?
If not, you're doing yourself a disservice.
After the goal, Habs coach Jacques Martin calls the worse timeout of the young season.
Right after the timeout, the Habs take a penalty.
what is that girl doing

Pens wouldn't be stopped. Another Mike Rupp goal. 3-0. Solid hands.

As the second period dragged on, the Pens got another one.
Crosby gets the HT with an unreal move. 4-0.
Hats fly.
They had to review the goal because it was so cash.
CCH was too stunned after the shake and bake.
-props to JERRY for this pic
Anyone remember an instance where a potential HT goal like this was called back?
UPDATECommenter REGE makes us feel sheepish in our memory skills:
"Last year at Chicago. Toews had a trick called back only to get his 3rd a few minutes later
and then watch Geno poo on him in OT."
After Crosby's HT goal, it dawned on Bob Errey that Kunitz had 3 assists up to that point.
He did some quick arithmetic:
Guerin and some joke go off for roughing.
picture 15
Headcase Carey Price enters the game. Such a far cry from his first start at the Mellon.
He looks like he could care less.
Habs get a 5-on-3 and score. Plejokec. 4-1.
What's sad is that there's a Habs fan out there who smelled a comeback coming.
As has become custom this season, the third period was a mini Fleury show.
The opposition decides "oh shit, we're losing" and starts playing.
MAF was up to the task.
Uh-oh. 5-1.
If it wasn't cruise city before the Gogo goal, it was now.
Somewhere during cruise city, Crosby got the puck in the neutral zone.
He looked up, saw Hal Gill on his side of the ice, and turned on the jets.
Gill had no chance. Everyone knew it.  Crosby blew past him.
Bing ended up doing his patented "I'm skating fast" wrist shot. Save.
Toward the end of the game, the Pens were on a power play.
The two Habs forwards decide to get caught.
Bourque accidentally springs Kunitz on a breakaway from Heinz Field.
Kunitz almost trips over the blue line, but he barrels in on Price.
Probably one of the worst goaltending moves in the NHL's modern era.
Kunitz picks his spot. 6-1.
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