on April 5, 2015 at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Penguins need one point to clinch a playoff spot

UPDATE: Probably two points to clinch? No clue. UPDATE 2: It is DEF two points, assuming the Bruins win: Because the Penguins have been such trash, no one has been able to enjoy the collaspe of the Bruins. The Senators won Thursday night, and the Bruins lost. Which means the following: – The Islanders and […]



We weren’t going to bring back the Tweetcap until playoff time, but then it became possible that there wouldn’t be a playoffs at all.  As it turned out, we couldn’t have picked a better night. Can’t blame anyone for being mad, honestly. Here. We. Go. We need to get Potash a better desk in his […]


RECAP: Game 78. All of a sudden, things are getting serious. Pens lose.

There’s really nothing to say right now. It’s just hard to tell which Penguins team is gonna show up on a given night…and what kind of effort is gonna be seen. We’re at the point of the season now where dissecting every game and analyzing shit goes out the window. If the Pens don’t know […]


Gameday 78: East on 70. Pens take on the Jackets.

Pittsburgh Penguins (42-24-11) at Columbus Blue Jackets (38-35-4) 2:00 PM – ROOT Sports Nationwide Arena, Columbus, Ohio Only five games to go… Prediction The Pens only muster one point from this weekend. They end up with a two-point cushion over the Senators entering their matchup Tuesday night. The Pens win that one 5-0, lose to the Islanders […]


Stat of the day: Penguins record since December 1st

The Penguins record since December 1st… 26-28 Of course in todays NHL, with three point games, the Penguins actual record is this: 26 regulation wins, 19 regulation loses, and 9 loses in either a shootout or OT. Regardless, yikes.  


RECAP: Game 77. Flyers cost themselves points in McDavid lottery, defeat Penguins.

Who is more confused: people who watch the Penguins or Bruce Jenner’s tailor? After a weekend of sneaking out two wins, there was some minor hope. And now playing the Flyers should’ve gotten everyone up. Especially after the fiasco that ensued after Rinaldo ran Letang way back when. Oh, and it’s the Flyers. Whoops. Against a […]