VIDEO: The Jagr Peanut Butter story

Another gem from Sean W.

This is a top 5 YouTube


Unlimited questions:

- This press conference was the top press conference of all time until the Morehouse/Rossi “Happy Birthday” press conference in 2014:


No question at one point Jagr Peanut Butter probably helped smuggle cocaine into Pittsburgh.

- If we could duplicate one person’s wardrobe from the ’90s, it is ol’ Double J’s.


No one did the loose shirt and strange fitting pants better than Jagr. No. One.

- Holy shit, the interviews:




Troy Loney and a cameraman walking up to teenage girls in parking lots and offering peanut butter. Wow.


We are extremely concerned about the guy in the white shirt. He comes on the screen right after:


He mutters something unintelligible, probably the clues to where he buried his latest victim.

The video ends with Jagr handing out peanut butter in the Iceoplex parking lot in Southpointe. Overall, an amazing trip down memory lane.


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VIDEO: 1997-1998 Penguins Team Video

Thanks to Sean W. for putting this online. What a strange, forgotten season this was. The title of the video is “One to Grow On.” Of course it was hosted by Paul Steigerwald. There isn’t a ’90s team highlight film that isn’t hosted by a Steigerwald. If nothing else, scroll to the end, and watch […]

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Quick end-of-Summer update. Rick’s replacement and a new hire.

First off, we can’t thank Rick enough for all of his help over the years. He was that weird Canadian friend we always wanted. Great human. He will be missed. He was the only one that ever used tags for posts, so good luck finding anything now. With Rick’s keyboard, mouse, and Zune hanging in the […]

Madden: Malkin not impressed by Johnston

This was tucked away inside of Mark Madden’s latest piece Evgeni Malkin met with new Penguins coach Mike Johnston in Russia, and Malkin was reportedly not impressed. Hmm. If this is true, this sounds awkward.


Ron Newcomer photos live on

Seven years ago, we randomly stumbled across Ron Newcomer, and his endless collection of photos. We even did a Q&A with him because we were in awe. We thought Ron had faded into the Internet,