Sidney Crosby out this weekend, and be careful saying as to why

Let’s see. 1. There is a disease that is going around the NHL called ” the Mumps ” 2. One of the symptoms of the disease is swelling of the face. 3. Sidney Crosby showed up this morning looking like this: After the Penguins said he would play, they have decided to sit Crosby out: […]


Despres Making the Most of his Playing Time

There was a brief instance in the Rangers game on Monday night that gave me a stark realization about the play and progression of Simon Despres. With the Penguins having just mounted a comeback to tie the game late in the third, Despres was put in an awkward position in the neutral zone. The puck […]


RECAP: Game 26. Pens lose 4-3 in Overtime One thing you can count on when the Penguins and Rangers get together is a wild time. The Rangers paid the Penguins back for that wild shootout win in this one. Calvin Klein scored the OT classic goal, and the Rangers got a much-needed extra point. If you’re into silver linings, the Penguins battled […]

NHL: Pittsburgh Penguins at New York Rangers

What the Hell Happened: Pens fall in OT

Rangers get a goal in OT by some loaner. Win 4-3. Three stars 3. Evgeni Malkin – Malkin took over the third period. He sparked a two-goal rally in the third. 2. Rick Nash – Rick Nash used to be fat and suck. Now he is just fat. Totally different player. He scored a goal […]


Art from Stephen S now on Sale

Stephen wanted us to pass this along. His art store is open for the Holiday season featuring two pieces on sale through Sunday. [ ART OF STEPHEN ] For those who don’t know his work, just check out his gallery. Stephen has been with us for unlimited years now. He works as one of the […]


RECAP: Game 26. Pens squeak out a big win.

Call it a bounce-back game if you want to. After getting shut out by the Canucks, the Pens wanted to find their balls again. The Sens helped with that. After the early Zac Sill stuff, it looked like this was gonna be a scrappy affair, but it ended up being a clean game. And Malkin […]


What the hell happened: Pens top Sens 3-2

That good ol’ day-game home cookin’ for the Pens. They got a huge late goal from Christian Ehrhoff to bury the Sens. Still felt like the Sens were gonna tie it with Anderson pulled.