#fancystats Through 13 Games

The Penguins are off to a blistering 10-2-1 start through the gate this season. Their power-play is a behemoth. Their off-season additions have provided valuable contributions to the team. All is well in Penguin-land as of the writing of this article. Now that we have a solid basis of even-strength play to analyze, let’s dive […]


RECAP: GAME 12. A little bit of everything

If you didn’t watch this game and just looked at the box score, you’d think this game was out of control. But that opposite is really true. This was a tough, nasty game and well coached from both sides. Winnipeg is the first team we’ve seen try to punch the Penguins in the mouth. And […]

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Norm MacDonald live tweeted the Penguins/Jets game

This is enjoyable. Norm MacDonald live tweeted the Pens game from the stands in Winnipeg. It was a mess. It isn’t clear why MacDonald was at the game, but we guess if he was in Winnipeg what else was he going to do? Also, no clue who Lamb is:


Things to keep in mind about the Fleury signing

The first year in Marc-Andre Fleury’s contract was 2008-2009. That was a 7-year, $35-million deal. Forget all the fancy cap-hit stuff; he was making $5 million a year. That was before he won a Stanley Cup. And now the Pens have locked him up for another four years…and only had to offer a $750,000/year raise. Fleury is […]