NHL: Pittsburgh Penguins at Montreal Canadiens

Penguins/Canadiens GIF Breakdown

My initial vision for today’s post was to comb over any systematic changes Mike Johnston would make in the third period of the Penguins 4-0 win over the Montreal Canadiens with a few GIF’s in hand. My mind immediately jumped back to the 3-0 defeat of the Los Angeles Kings on October 30th when coach […]

NHL: Pittsburgh Penguins at Montreal Canadiens

What the hell happened: Penguins perfect-plex Habs

It isn’t often where the Penguins play a game where you cannot find one thing wrong. But Tuesday night in Montreal was the night. The Penguins dominated from start to finish, and Marc-Andre Fleury pitched another shutout. The Penguins won 4-0.

screenshot 2014-11-16 at 3.21.05 PM

Benstonium’s KBL highlights of Pens-Rangers

Benstonium videos dominate the Internet, and they just keep getting better. Here are the highlights of the Pens-Rangers last night KBL-style, as a nod to the Pens donning the black and yellow. We need not mention it’s Mike Lange with the call.


RECAP: Game 16. They way it should have been

The Penguins and Rangers hate each other. And, boy, does that make for an entertaining hockey game. The ending of this game was like playing street hockey when you were younger. If you beat some group of jobbers, they would make up some bizarre rule while you were walking home and force you to return […]