Sidney Crosby arrested for driving-related reason in Ottawa

According to reports, Sidney Crosby was arrested early Wednesday morning for a “driving-related reason” while driving a rented Porsche in Ottawa. He was taken downtown for fingerprints and a mugshot. A couple of big questions here. 1. Why was Crosby in Ottawa? 2. Why is he renting a Porsche?  


Penguins camp opens September 12

The Pens open camp September 12. Here is a list of training camp schedules, and other things you need to. [ PDL ] For the second year we’ve been put in charge of sending out the PDL newsletter. If you’d like to receive it, sign up here.

VIDEO: The Jagr Peanut Butter story

Another gem from Sean W.

This is a top 5 YouTube


Unlimited questions:

- This press conference was the top press conference of all time until the Morehouse/Rossi “Happy Birthday” press conference in 2014:


No question at one point Jagr Peanut Butter probably helped smuggle cocaine into Pittsburgh.

- If we could duplicate one person’s wardrobe from the ’90s, it is ol’ Double J’s.


No one did the loose shirt and strange fitting pants better than Jagr. No. One.

- Holy shit, the interviews:




Troy Loney and a cameraman walking up to teenage girls in parking lots and offering peanut butter. Wow.


We are extremely concerned about the guy in the white shirt. He comes on the screen right after:


He mutters something unintelligible, probably the clues to where he buried his latest victim.

The video ends with Jagr handing out peanut butter in the Iceoplex parking lot in Southpointe. Overall, an amazing trip down memory lane.


Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 8.09.22 PM

VIDEO: 1997-1998 Penguins Team Video

Thanks to Sean W. for putting this online. What a strange, forgotten season this was. The title of the video is “One to Grow On.” Of course it was hosted by Paul Steigerwald. There isn’t a ’90s team highlight film that isn’t hosted by a Steigerwald. http://youtu.be/TZOYMI8ZQ8E If nothing else, scroll to the end, and watch […]