Examining the Metropolitan Division

With eighteen games under their belt, the Pittsburgh Penguins are 20% of the way through their 2015-16 campaign.  With that in mind, now is a good time to take a look and assess the Pens’ place within the NHL’s Metropolitan Division.  The Penguins currently sit at the middle of the pack, in 4th place, with […]


Read of the day: Joe Starkey on the Penguins scoring issues

Really good read here. If you’re coaching the Penguins and constantly entangled in low-scoring scrums, you better win a ton of ’em and bring home another Cup. Otherwise, you’ll end up like Kevin Constantine and Michel Therrien — cast aside, rightly or wrongly, for not giving the paying customers a good enough show.

PITTSBURGH, PA - JUNE 25:  (L-R) Pittsburgh Penguins Assistant Coach Rick Tocchet, Head Coach Mike Johnston, and General Manager Jim Rutherford pose for a photo after a press conference on June 25, 2014 at Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Joe Sargent/NHLI via Getty Images)

The NHL doesn’t have a goal-scoring problem; the Penguins do

So, here we are. It’s late 2015, and the Penguins are barely watchable at times. Goals are d0wn a bit, and everyone is blaming the NHL. And while there are some concerns league-wide, don’t confuse them with what is going on in Pittsburgh.   What’s the point? An article caught our attention over the weekend. From […]


Thoughts: Game 17 – Scheduled Game Off, Pens Lose 4-0.

Devils 4  Pens 0 Record: 10-7-0, 20 pts Goals None Penalties Letang (roughing) – Inconsequential (gets into a scuffle with Farnham around the Penguins net and each receives a minor) Malkin (tripping) – Lazy (follows Schlemko behind the Devils net and lazily reaches into his skates for a trip as he’s multiple strides behind Schlemko) […]

Game 17 Recap: Let the dumpster fire keep us warm. Devils smoke Penguins 4-0

Trying out video recaps with NFL primetime music. Here is what happened in this one:

  • The Penguins had a players only meeting after the game:

  • It gets worse, Evgeni Malkin with some very concerning quotes after the game. Here is the audio.

  • You have to listen to the audio to understand the tone there. Honestly, it is refreshing to hear that from Malkin. A lot more than you hear from the Captain.
  • This game was as fun as trying to read wikileaks.
  • Other awful things:

Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 10.31.35 PM

  • Patric Hornqvist left with an injury sometime in the second period. Not a good sign if he is out.
  • Ben Lovejoy and the defense were a complete an utter disaster.
  • OVEREACTION: The Penguins powerplay is so bad it is easily a firable offense and complete disgrace from the coaching staff.
  • APOLOGIST REACTION: Third game in four nights
  • REALITY: It is only November.
  • Mood:
  • 2015-11-14 23_00_21
  • Strangest picture:

Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 11.11.16 PM

  • Other notes:



  • The Black Crowes are no longer the biggest disgrace Kate Hudson has seen.





Thoughts: Game 16 – Fleury Unable to Tie the Game in Pens 2-1 Loss.

Blue Jackets 2  Pens 1 Record: 10-6-0, 20 pts Goals Hornqvist (4) from Letang, Perron Penalties Kunitz (tripping) – Overly Aggressive (goes for a stick-check on Foligno skating around him and ends up taking down Foligno for a trip) Hornqvist (tripping) – Overly Aggressive (widens up his stance to use his right skate to get […]


Despite What You’ve Heard, The Penguins Are Not Good Defensively

Yesterday I posted a poll on Twitter that asked the simple question, “Are the Penguins good defensively, or is Marc-Andre Fleury superhuman?” Congratulations, internet. There’s no fooling you! We’ve all heard the narrative. Someone, somewhere, takes the Penguins low goals-against totals (1.6GA/60 at even-strength, 2nd in the NHL) and trumpets that piece of data as […]

PITTSBURGH, PA - OCTOBER 22: Pascal Dupuis #9 of the Pittsburgh Penguins looks on against the Dallas Stars during the game at Consol Energy Center on October 22, 2015 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Matt Kincaid/Getty Images)

Handicapping hockey stats & What’s Wrong with the Penguins This Year

While there isn’t nearly as many statistics in hockey than there are for football, basketball and especially baseball, there are some numbers that NHL handicappers do need to pay attention to wager successfully. If you have been betting against the Penguins scoring goals so far this year then you have been making money despite your […]

What They Said G_015

What They Said: Pens Vs. Habs

Holy sh*t that was fun. Duper shoots to score early.  Hornqvist gets demoted and gets on the board.  Flower was solid again, even after getting his eye dotted.  Sid was “back” and was plucky and won it in the shoot out. 3 on 3 is so much butt-clenching fun.  Just so tense the entire five minutes.  […]


Thoughts: Game 15 – Yes, Call it a Comeback. Pens Win 4-3 (SO).

Pens 4  Canadiens 3 (SO) Record: 10-5-0, 20 pts Goals Dupuis (2) from Crosby, Bennett Maatta (2) from Kessel, Malkin Hornqvist (3) from Crosby, Letang SO Winner: Crosby Penalties Malkin (slashing) – Overly aggressive (tries to get a loose puck in the offensive zone and slashes Weise’s stick out of his hands during the pursuit) […]


2015-2016 Quintessential Stunned pics

This post will be updated throughout the year. Every game ( well almost) always has a stunned fan no matter what side you’re on Here are the pics so far:


Thoughts: Game 14 – Winning Streak Burns Out as Pens Lose 5-2 to Flames

Flames 5  Pens 2 Record: 9-5-0, 18 pts Goals Kessel (6) from Malkin Bonino (3) (PP) from Perron, Cole Penalties Perron (delay of game) – Careless (tries to chip the puck up the boards from the defensive zone and puts it over the glass over the benches for delay of game) Crosby (holding) – Bad […]


Game 14 recap: Pens run out of juice in Calgary. Lose 5-2.

Kris Letang’s breakdown of the game: Pens lose 5-2. After winning like 50 games in a row, whatever. Meesh will have an in-depth review coming later. Penguins ran out of steam on their road trip. That is the simplest thing to say. Never an easy trip to sweep. The game in three videos 3. Vintage MJ. […]


Thoughts: Game 13 – Duper’s Okay; So Are the Pens After 2-1 Win.

Pens 2  Oilers 1 Record: 9-4-0, 18 pts Goals Sprong (2) from Cullen, Plotnikov Kessel (5) (PP) from Letang, Crosby Penalties Plotnikov (interference) – Unnecessary (leans into Miller and knocks him over in the defensive zone away from the puck) Cole (delay of game) – Careless (gets the puck in the defensive zone and backhands […]

What They Said G_012

What They Said: Pens Vs. Canucks

Well that was alright. Flower was an absolute beast.  Just a beast.  I don’t think he has been better, but I’m sure a stats guy will prove that wrong.  That defense in front of him…shaaaaaaaaky. Sid got one.  Glad he didn’t get traded or retire this week. Phil! dented a crossbar then tried to dent […]


Penguins Bottom Six Exceeding Expectations

Jim Rutherford has done a lot of great things for the Penguins, but perhaps one of his most impactful recent endeavors was his work to change the Penguins imbalance. In recent years, the Penguins management team pushed all their chips onto the plate of Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin. Now, that’s partially understandable; these two […]