NHL: Dallas Stars at Pittsburgh Penguins

Dupuis Skates Before AM Practice

Pascal Dupuis skated this morning and apparently is OK after taking a 75 MPH slap-shot to the back of his neck last night against Dallas. From the Pens Twitter account… Photo proof that Pascal Dupuis is here and is skating on


RECAP: Game 3. Pens lose in heartbreaking fashion.

Telling you right now. Dallas has something going if they stay healthy. They got into penalty trouble in the first period, and the Pens made them pay. But after that, they stayed on an even keel and waited for their chances. We were thinking about how great it used to be (see Bylsma era) to […]

NHL: Preseason-Minnesota Wild at Pittsburgh Penguins

The Mechanical Penguins

If there’s one thing we can say about the Penguins through the first two games of the season (besides the fact that they’ve scored a lot of goals and haven’t lost) is that they just look different. But what’s responsible for the difference? Why do the zone exits look so smooth? There are several nuances of what […]



In the past five years, the Penguins’ fanbase has gotten bad at times. We’ve all been guilty of it. The Penguin organization has been bad. The team itself has been bad. But if you want a look at a truly miserable situation, look no further than the Toronto Maple Leafs. From the coach, to the […]


QUICK CAP: Pens cruise again. 5-2 win in Toronto.

In the grand scheme of hockey news, the biggest story coming out of this game will be the Leafs and their constant battle with the fans and media. A fan threw their jersey onto the ice during the third period and then walked out. Someone might burn Randy Carlyle’s house down. Meanwhile, everything is in […]


TWEETCAP: Hockey Is Back

Nights like these are the best nights on the old Twitter machine. Every now and then, the stars in the sports universe align and turn social media into an event of itself. This happened last night.



No one had any idea what to expect from opening night. Then they introduced Mike Johnston:   You don’t do something like that unless you are one solid son of a bitch. Welcome to the Mike Johnston era.

NHL: Anaheim Ducks at Pittsburgh Penguins

QUICK CAP: Principal Johnston and the Penguins win their opener

If first impressions mean anything, this season is going to be one wild ride. Up 3-0, the Penguins mangled the lead, only to come storming back. When it was over, the Penguins won 6-4, and this may sound weird: hockey was really fun to watch again. Seriously, the Penguins haven’t played that entertaining of a […]