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Flyer fans are really sensitive about Sean Coutuyriereryye

The NHL’s most fragile fanbase is even more on edge this year. Broad Street Hockey was really butthurt and accused us of “self-destructing” after we pointed out Sean Courtirieuuirre sucks. [ Penguins Fans are self-destructing ] The comment section over there is amazing: Lepton78 serving up hottakes. Uhhhhh….   Flyer fans weren’t just taking the […]

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@Proteautype produces woefully horrid article, calls Mario Lemieux a hypocrite

Holy shit. If this is how the season is going to be, it’s gonna be exhausting. Adam Proteau led the charge in utter outrage when the Penguins signed Dan Carcillo Thursday to a PTO. Proteau got himself so steamed up, he took to his blog to unload on the Penguins. [ Penguins’ signing of Daniel Carcillo, Steve Downie […]


Sidney Crosby arrested for driving-related reason in Ottawa

According to reports, Sidney Crosby was arrested early Wednesday morning for a “driving-related reason” while driving a rented Porsche in Ottawa. He was taken downtown for fingerprints and a mugshot. A couple of big questions here. 1. Why was Crosby in Ottawa? 2. Why is he renting a Porsche?  


Penguins camp opens September 12

The Pens open camp September 12. Here is a list of training camp schedules, and other things you need to. [ PDL ] For the second year we’ve been put in charge of sending out the PDL newsletter. If you’d like to receive it, sign up here.