Second PS3 season GM List

Twitter is key to completing a GM Connect season. We finished the first season thanks to the communication we all had. Here is a list of GM's for the second season. Please make use of this:     PS3 Username  Team  Twitter thejoker710 (commish)  Sharks  @eddiespaghetti7  thecityy12  Blackhawks  @tpbderek darnay195  Rangers  @MikeDarnay  snapboing03  Blues  @snapboing03  […]

#TKHL Week 3

Welcome to week three of the TKHL. So far things have worked out better than expected. We've only had a few issues with some GM's not playing games. Week 3 rules – Schedule advances Sunday at 11:59 pm – If you cannot make your game please connect league officials, or just enable the CPU to […]

WEEK 2 PS3 – New rules on trades/Deadline

We're still learning as we go. But the first week was a sucess. Some rules for week 2. –  Wednesday  at 11:59 pm is the deadline for the second cycle of games. – For trades, for some reason trades don't happen until the cycles are complete. We had a lot of guys try to trade […]

PS3 Forum

This should help with communicating in addition to Twitter. You can visit the forum here.

WEEK 1 in PS3 NHL GM Connect, advancing rules

If you haven't gotten your info to us please tweet @tpbderek your twitter name if you are a GM in our league. The GM list is here. Advancing rules Each week consist of games in a certain date range. Here is how we are going to do it: 1. Starting today, you'll have 4 days […]

Rules and List of GM’s for our league

The league is almost full. Here are the basic rules: – Once you are done with your cycle of games contact the commisher via the mailbox option on the league screen. – Once we get up to speed we'll get things moving. – If you can't play anymore let us know. – Really not making […]

Welcome to NHL13 Gm mode for PS3

Major thing here is to monitor the league page. GM listings coming. The commish is @eddiespaghetti7. Please make sure to add your fellow GM's and check your messages on PS3