Rules for playing against CPU

To avoid any disputes, these rules will be followed to the letter. SCHEDULE FLIPS From here on, schedule flips will be on Tuesday night 9:00pm and Saturday night 10:00pm. 1. Following the schedule flip, the designated HOME TEAM for a game has 24 hours to reach out to the opposing GM asking for a game […]

GM Connected app for Apple Devices

Two things you got to do: 1. Make an account with  There is an extra step in that process where you join your account with your gamertag.  I did this so long ago that I forgot the exact steps.  Google it. 2. Search for the NHL 13 app in the Apple App Store.   […]


  Go to the GM Connected menu on XBOX and search for league "TPBHL" and send a join request.  For the time being, as teams are joining the league, you will have the option to "Play Against the CPU." DO NOT DO THIS. When an opponent of yours has joined the league, you will be […]

User List and Team Assignment

NHL Default Rosters beat out the Fantasy Draft option 16-14 in the closest vote in TPBHL history.  View all the voting results here. If you don't like your team and want to leave the league, let me know — @TPBHLcommish — by 6:00 Thursday night.  Also, feel free to contact others on this list asking […]

League Update

  Once the league is activated, all information will now be going to and coming from a new Twitter account:

XBOX 360: GM Connected Sign-Up Information

  Tuesday, September 18, 2012 — 8:18p.m.   COMMIT First off, commit to this.  For the sake of everyone involved, once you decide to be a part of this, grab your sac and compete until at least this first season is played through.   What kind of commitment will be expected of you? Well… SCHEDULE We […]