Reliving the 2012 playoffs: GAME ONE

With a lockout looming, no other course to take other than to torture ourselves. Recap originally posted Thursday, April 12th.   Brutal. Via @broadstreethockey   One of the best parts about the regular season was the lack of historic meltdowns.  Nothing sticks out, at least in our heads, in terms of the Pens […]

A.J. Burnett and the GIF of the summer

via SBN:   Here is what happened via SBN Pittsburgh: Pirates starter A.J. Burnett wasn't too pleased Thursday afternoon when Dodgers infielder Hanley Ramirez posed a bit after homering off him in the fourth, then gestured to his teammates while running the bases. So when Burnett struck Ramirez out to end the sixth, he had […]

NHL is bizarre: Philly signs Wayne Simmonds for 6 years

How bizarre is the NHL?  And better yet, how bizarre is the Philadelphia Flyers franchise? With the owners and players staring at each other across the table like Cobb and Saito, the Flyers decide to sign Wayne Simmonds to a 6-year, $24-million deal. A couple of observations Wayne Simmonds sucks balls.  He's had maybe 7 […]

Taking a look at Gary Bettman’s role

  The boys over at Crosby FTW dissect exactly what's going on and who's doing what in the current CBA negotiations.   Solid read.      

Everything that happened today with the NHLPA’s counter offer to the Owners

Crosby overdressed in our opinion. Busy day of news as the NHLPA countered the Owners July 13th proposal. Start here From PHT: NHL commissioner Gary Bettman wasn’t revealing much after receiving the NHLPA’s proposal for a new collective bargaining agreement — but he did say it was thorough. “It’s clear to me that they didn’t put […]