Penguins sellout streak may die Saturday

Looks like the heralded Penguins sellout streak may go down on Saturday night. Why? The Steelers play at 8:15 Saturday night in the AFC wild card game and the Penguins play at 7:00. With 65,000 people at the Steeler game and roughly everyone else watching at home , the crowd at Consol may be really […]


RECAP: Game 36. First rough patch of the season. One thing everyone wanted to see before the season started was how Mike Johnston would handle the inevitable rough patch. Well, welcome to the rough patch. He said this after the game: RECAP:


What the Hell Happened: Pens drop 4th straight

It’s happened every season for as long as we can remember: a run-of-the-mill loss to the Devils in December or January. The difference this season is that the Pens’ injuries are really catching up to them. This is 4 losses in a row now, and if you haven’t peeked at the Pens’ schedule in January, […]

NHL: Pittsburgh Penguins at Detroit Red Wings

Research Analysis: Man-games lost is a major problem in Pittsburgh

The Penguins are getting hurt again and again. It seemes like they are cursed. As of last week, they have lost 112 man-games, which is 8th in the NHL. Is it bad luck, poor training, etc.? That is almost impossible to figure out. What isn’t impossible is to determine how it is hurting them. Our […]

RECAP: Game 35. Jam Levels.

The Penguins lost to the Caps 3-0. And let’s make a footnote. When the Penguins lose to the following teams, here is the panic/jammed up chart rankings. When a loss like this occurs, we start seeing stuff like this – [ Sidney Crosby in Denial ] If Crosby is healthy, which I’m still not 100% […]

NHL: Washington Capitals at Pittsburgh Penguins

What The Hell Happened: Caps shutdown Penguins 3-0

The Penguins lost their second straight game in regulation, that hasn’t happened all season. They also lost another player to injury, Patric Hornqvist, and that seems to be happening all the time. Without Hornqvist, and every other top-six forward, the Penguins offense couldn’t generate much. On the other side, the Captials got two goals from […]

Pittsburgh Penguins v Toronto Maple Leafs

Olli Maatta Close to Returning

The big news from Mike Johnston’s press conference this morning was that Olli Maatta will not require any additional surgery to his injured shoulder, and may actually return to the ice soon.

NHL: Washington Capitals at Toronto Maple Leafs

Brooks Orpik with some weird quotes about last season

Josh Yohe interviewed Brooks Oprik, and Orpik said some weird things. [ TRIB ] “There was something not right last year,” said Orpik, 34. “I guess stale is a good word. Something needed to change. I thought guys were affected by the outside pressure. There is a standard in Pittsburgh that is tough. We’d win […]

NHL: Pittsburgh Penguins at Tampa Bay Lightning

RECAP: Game 34. So this is Christmas

Everything we could say about this game was laid out in the the quick recap. The Penguins, despite everything, still had a fighting chance at the end. Quick thoughts on this one:


What the Hell Happened: Pens come up a buck short in Tampa

Given the Pens’ current injury shitstorm and them being on the second of a brutal back-to-back on a Florida road trip, it was pretty much a lock that the Pens weren’t going to win this game. Fate was going down that road 200 m.p.h. until Chris Kunitz scored on a breakway midway through the third […]


RECAP: Game 33. Rats. This was a strange game. The Penguins found themselves down 3-1 late in the third period. While they didn’t play great, they didn’t exactly shit the bed either. Florida scored two really quick goals in the first five minutes of the third, and all seemed shot. Especially since the Penguins lost another player, Blake […]

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Blake Comeau might be hurt

In the third period Blake Comeau slid into the boards awkwardly: When asked about it after the game here is what Mike Johnston said: ” I haven’t seen an update there. He left the bench in the middle of the third period and went in the dressing room and didn’t come back. So I assume […]

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What The Hell Happened: Bobby Lu outduels Marc-Andre Fleury for extra point This was one hell of a game. The Penguins fell behind 3-1 in the third period and then battled back to tie it at 3. It was a well-deserved point for the Penguins because they didn’t play horribly, especially considering they were without Brandon Sutter and Steve Downie. The Penguins lost another player, as Blake Comeau […]


RECAP: Game 32. Pens win a street fight 3-1

Usually Panther-Penguin games are mundane. Not this one. This game was downright hateful. Couple of reasons for that: 1. Willie Mitchell, the Panthers’ captain for some reason, hates Evgeni Malkin. This happened a long time ago, and Mitchell probably didn’t forget: Mitchell and Malkin had a little convo early in this game, and it […]