LINK CITY: A guy falls off a ladder

Hey, no stories about the DMV or Malkin's dad! So let's watch some british guy fall off a ladder:   h/t Freakshow

LINK CITY: August, still the worst

You can read about some bizarre Malkin stuff, here and here. Or you can watch a hamster eat a piece of corn. Your call.

LINK CITY: Letang’s first tweet, Sick Crosby Pass to Matt Duchene

So Kris Letang joined Twitter. His first tweet was so Kris Letang:   "Giving this twitter thing a go, big shout out to everyone for the warm welcome" — Kristopher Letang (@Letang_58) @ThePghCheeze found this. Check out the 1:20 mark: No word if the Pittsburgh Post Gazette will waste 800 words on this pass. Real […]


This very well could be the only post in August. A pic of Drake and the Stanley cup it is:

Schedule is out. Division names too. just posted it. [ schedule ] Early features — Three games in Columbus. Saturday November 2, Sunday December 29, and Friday March 28. — Monster five game road trip right after the Sochi games. — Not a ton of Saturday night home games.  –More breakdown coming later. The Pens are in the METRO division […]

LINK CITY: No NHL schedule yet, Camp update, lost hate mail

The NHL refuses to release a schedule. [ Eye on Hockey ] Word is division names will be coming too, but who the hell knows. Some development camp updates — Highland Park recaps day three. [ HPH ] Oskar Sundqvist was equally impressive and very noticeable as well today. His shots were wired to the […]