LINK CITY: Caps get a Penguin killer in waiting, Murray moves on.

Much was made about the Leafs decision to part ways with Mikhail Grabovksi earlier this offseason. But Leafs loss is now the Caps gain. [ RussianMachineNeverBreaks  ] And considering the Penguins and Capitals now share a division, this move is a good one for the Caps. Grabovski is a guy that has had a ton […]

LINK CITY: Pants in pocket Crosby returns

Every pic Crosby takes with someone his hands are always in his pocket. Here is the latest one: Other examples here, and here. No word yet if the Post Gazette plans more investigating of this issue. Connor McDavid training with Gary Roberts Dr. James Mirtle with an interesting look at ellite prospect Connor McDavid. [ […]

Kris Letang can jump high

Composure jokes aside, Kris Letang is some kind of athlete. Here is a vid of him jumping over things: Was going to make a gif of this but seems kind of arkward enough. h/t to A.F. for the find.

Happy six years to the Fedko/Gary Roberts Pranks

A simpler time. Us and a few of you out there spent the entire 2007 summer talking to John Fedko and dropping Gary Roberts references on his show. We broke his will at many points, none better than around the 5:15 mark of this vid, posted six years ago:    

LINK CITY: August, still the worst

You can read about some bizarre Malkin stuff, here and here. Or you can watch a hamster eat a piece of corn. Your call.

LINK CITY: Letang’s first tweet, Sick Crosby Pass to Matt Duchene

So Kris Letang joined Twitter. His first tweet was so Kris Letang:   "Giving this twitter thing a go, big shout out to everyone for the warm welcome" — Kristopher Letang (@Letang_58) @ThePghCheeze found this. Check out the 1:20 mark: No word if the Pittsburgh Post Gazette will waste 800 words on this pass. Real […]